2 thoughts on “Abu Seesi Kidnapped by Mossad and Now in Israel’s Shikma Prison – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This case isn’t just a measure of how arrogant Israel has become, it’s also a timely warning of how fragile democracy and the rule of law are in the former Soviet Union. The central Asian former Soviet states are worse than this, though, almost beyond description.

    If it were impossible for Ukranian citizens to disappear off the streets without explanation, it wouldn’t be so easy for Mossad or anyone else to grab a visitor to the Ukraine without an immediate hue and cry.

    The lesson is clear:
    “undemocratic” Dubai has more concern for the life and rights of foriegn visitors than “democratic” Ukraine.

  2. It is also a reminder, if reminder were needed, about Israel’s disdain for Int’l law. My recollection of G-4 is that “protected persons” are required to be imprisoned (after regular trial, of course) inside the occupied territory (in which they are “protected”).

    Of course, where, as here, “extraordinary rendition” has occurred (not American this time but israeli) it might be argued that he was not IN OPTs and was therefore not ‘protected”. But while that argument may work for him, it doesn’t work for the other 10,000 Palestinian prisoners and who knows how many Lebanese prisoners held as hostages (another “no no”) by Israel?

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