7 thoughts on “Peter King’s Anti-Muslim Jihad – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Surprisingly enough the PEW Research Center published yesterday the results of a survey that showed that US residents Continuing Divide in Views of Islam and Violence


    40% think Islam does contributes to violence more then other religions, 42% thinks it doesn’t and 18% stated they didn’t know.


    The people where not ask what their religion was, so the results are meaningless. yet they show a great increase in peoples opinion of the matter, from 25% in march 2002, to 40% in march 2011.

    I wonder why so.

    1. Gee with idiots like Pam Geller, RObert Spencer, Steve Emerson & the like stirring up lies and hatred and with fellow travelers like Peter King & Sue Myrick, is it any surprise that some ignorant Americans see a Muslim under every bed and lurking around every dark corner? And people like you of course eat all this hatred up because it confirms your own prejudices.

      1. Hey dimwit its about time you’ll get your head out of the place in which the sun never shines.

        The long lines at the X-ray machine at JFK, LAX, SFO, DET, ORD and others, contributed to peoples opinion much more then the opinion of few nut jobs.

        1. You’ve violated my comment rules. You are hereby on notice, another violation of any sort will see you shown the door. If you don’t know or understand the rules read them carefully before publishing any further comments. And take this warning seriously.

          1. Aren’t you a hypocrite ?
            Prior to me posting the above post (10 minutes earlier to be exact) you said that: “I guess there are a lot of dumb lawyers, but I kinda though most of them were a little more intelligent & thoughtful than the nonsense you’re spouting here.”

            so you can say that, but what i said was a violation of your comment rules.

            Not only you don’t know what you talking about, you are a double standard hypocrite.

            About time you’ll put yourself on notice.

  2. Per his comments in the aforelinked NYT article, it is clear that Peter King is a typical American exceptionalist. King thinks it’s OK for the U.S. government to inflict vast violence on the world, but when non-Americans fight back against that violence he calls them “terrorists”. In a just world, King and his fellow enablers of America’s overseas wars would be on trial at the Hague.

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