5 thoughts on “Bergman’s Critique of al-Mabouh Hit in GQ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bergman Argument about Mossad usage of foreign passport is a circular one.
    The mossad is very unique in the essence that it conducts its operations in countries, in which Israelis are not welcome; as such he had no other choice but to use other countries passports. The CIA and other western agencies simply create a local false identity and use that.
    As for the way Meir Dagan deals with the murder of his grandfather, he wasn’t the only one and I have seen it, in more than one occasion. I had a photo of my grandfather – on my mother side – who was murder with the rest of his family, on my office wall. To me it served as a cold reminder to what happened not too long ago, when the Jews had no state and no protection – a huge motivator.

    1. Yeah, he had another choice. He didn’t have to mount the operation in the first place. If you mount an operation & commit egregious violations of the sovereignty of 6 or 7 allies, then maybe the operation isn’t properly conceived.

      I don’t doubt that any child of survivors could have a picture of his grandparent. What I find hard to believe is that this is a picture taken just before his death which is part of Dagan’s dramatic story.

      1. Richard, using that logic the Mossad should close its gates first thing in the morning.
        Most of the Mossad work is conducted in state which israel has no diplomatic relation with and i assume that all sorts of passports are being used to conduct such activity.
        Personally i agree with Bergman that someone was getting a bit arrogant.

  2. To me, the most serious problem with Dagan exploiting the photograph the way he does is that he blows up everyone he’s after to another Hitler, and every challenge to Israel he’s involved with to another Shoah in the making.

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