21 thoughts on “Haaretz’s Melman Suspects Israeli Involvement in Stuxnet – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Mr Silverstein – the book of Esther is not about a pre-emptive strike at all. If you read the story you will see that on a certain day the Jews were destined to be exterminated by royal decree at the hands of the masses. All the Jews acheived in the story was gaining permission to fight back and defend themselves “valaamod al nafsham”. Previous to the granting of permission they were supposed to accept the decree “lying down” without bearing arms.
    The Jews fought back (not preemptive) and won.

      1. Lighten up on the guy. If one follows Maimonides’ advice to get so drunk during the telling of the megilah that he cannot tell the different between Haman and Mordechai, this would be an easy mistake to make.

      2. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. There was a decree to kill the Jews on a certain day. The Jews arose the day before and killed their enemies first. Hence, pre-emption.”

        Actually I do know what I’m talking about, and in this case you got it absolutely wrong. Absolutely no preemptive strike, pure self defence against those (and only those) who attack the Jews, and on the exact day that the attack against the Jews was decreed, the 13th of adar. Purim is celebrated the next day when all was quiet.

        The original decree:
        Esther 3:13 “…to destroy, kill and wipe out all the Jews young old babes and women on one day the 13th of the 12th month the month of adar and to take all the spoil”

        And the permission to defend:
        Esther 8:11 – 13 “..the king allowed the Jews…to gather together and stand up for themselves and to ..kill.. any army people or town who attacks them…on one day …the 13th of the 12th month that is adar”

        1. I’m done arguing with you. At any rate, yr argument is with Sanger & Markoff who first used the word pre-emptive strike to describe the Jews attack in ancient Persia.

          BTW, no one attacked the Jews since they had the element of surprise & no Jews were killed by Haman’s forces. It was a bloody massacre & the Jews wiped out Haman & all his sons. Is that what you hope Esther (i.e. the IDF) does in latter day Persia?

          You are done on this subject.

  2. Have you seen this? http://www.notes.co.il/shai/69689.asp

    He contends that when you type STUX in Hebrew you get דאוס (transcribed into English as Deus or DeOS, I’m not sure qhich is more chilling). He says that this happens to be the name of an Israeli children’s story playing on TV, where hackers develop a program named Deus which takes over the world.

    SF TV series as a clue for cyberwarfare? ick. It is in such bad taste!

  3. The notion that is rapidly becoming received wisdom, that the IDF is behind the Stuxnet worm, is simply speculation which started as somebody’s opinion.

    What’s to say that it didn’t originate froma MUCH more populaced and more reckless entity that Israel? Such as?

    Such as opponents of nuclear power, regressionist environmentalists, or anti-globalization protesters who try to prop up their fragile world-view by looking for interconnections between any of the ideas promoted by people who have some irredeemable complaint against modernity? After all, the places where it DID strike didn’t impress me as the states that have the best managed high-tech security.

    In fact the source for this kind of thing is likely going to be either a UNABOMBer type, or from an underdeveloped society which the conspirator would assume is immune to the effect of the worm, because their power stations don’t run Siemens’ SCADA system.

    Shunra: as for leaving a trail of clues, an intelligence operation would make every attempt to avoid leaving conspiracy nuts a trail of crumbs. Crackpots though, will invent them anyway if they can’t find anything.

    1. simply speculation which started as somebody’s opinion.

      Pls. don’t repeat arguments already made & rebutted by me & others. So again, it wasn’t “speculation” started as “somebody’s” opinion. Somebody in these cases consists of some of the world’s foremost experts in cyberwarfare, a Bush era counterterror official, & a Haaretz security correspondent. What’re your bona fides?

      a MUCH more populaced and more reckless entity that Israel

      Frankly, I can’t think of any. Israel is pretty much off the charts for recklessness. Blaming Stuxnet on environmentalists shows how little homework you’ve done not even bothering to read the posts in which I’ve distilled the expert opinion on this that only a nation state could’ve done this complex job. Pls. don’t waste our time due to yr laziness & sloppiness.

  4. Richard, if there was a decree to kill all the jews, and the jews retaliated then it is not a preemptive strike, if the jews were to act prior to the time the decree was written that would have been a preemptive strike.

    as for the worm, no one knows. everyone including you are speculating, the worm was found all over the world from Indonesia to the US, and let me remind you that few years ago a power network was taken down in the US.

    someone may be trying to cause actual damage, or someone may be trying to hide something else.
    in my opinion it’s the latest, the worm was exposed in 2009, there was a lot of time for the Iranian or anyone else to develop countermeasures.

    but if you want to add to your conspiracy theory, since the development of windows XP, Microsoft research center in Haifa has taken a role in actually writing the windows kernel which means the knowledge was right there in israel. a lot of these hi-tech engineers, served in 8200 or other units.

    you should read this:

    1. the worm was exposed in 2009

      NO. It wasn’t discovered until a few months ago. After it was discovered they traced back the first known instance of it they could find anywhere to 2009. Precision is a good thing, the lack of it not so good. It makes you look sloppy.

  5. An interesting article until the end.

    “I almost gagged when I read that. Russia?? What is the guy smokin’? First, a Russian contractor is building Bushehr. Why would Putin want to sabotage the work of his own country’s contractor?”

    The last thing the Russians want is a Muslim neighbor with nuclear weapons, and what better way to milk Iran for cash than to undermine its program, something which Russia has been doing for several years.

    Is the author of the article really so naive that the above isn’t obvious?

    1. Russia is a huge trading partner with Iran, not to mention builder of its nuclear facilities. Further, I’ve never heard of any tension whatsoever bet. Iran & Russia in terms of a Muslim threat. Nice try, but you struck out.

      No, the obvious is not only NOT obvious, it’s ludicrous. But congratulations that you & Gerald Steinberg agree. May you be very happy w. ea. other.

  6. Shai Blitzblau is, apart from disputed from outside, contradicting himself. Shai first offers explanations by “industrial espionage” and “academic experiment”. Shai then also says that Stuxnet does “[not] report[s] back the results”. Whether this is statement correct or not, not reporting back is making “espionage” and “experiment” useless.

  7. The status quo becomes more surreal each day. Carte blanche to kill at will, anyone, anywhere, anytime – for any reason.

    Carte blanche to kill on land, on the high seas, in international waters, by bullet, bomb, missile, phosphorus, tank, plane, helicopter or unmanned drone.

    Carte blanche to construct and disseminate viruses to sabotage computer systems in other states worldwide. The entire world potentially held to ransom by the only undeclared nuclear state on the planet.

    Is it surreal? Is it really possible that the US, the EU and the UN are powerless under these threats. It wouldn’t make a movie script! Yet it’s actually for real.

  8. The myrtus association is very pretty. To me however it is just much more convincing that Israel has been on the front lines in the past with attacks on nuclear power plants. I remember handwringing last year in the Washington Post about whether the US would support or at least not push against an Israeli strike on Natanz, and whether such a strike could be effective. A cyber attack makes much more sense.

    It is also known that the US leans on Russia for support in containing the Iranian nuclear effort, resulting in various types of slowdowns in work on the Bushehir plant. Russian cover for a cyber attack would be very handy; the current trend seems to suggest that the Russian contractors were victimized, which is consistent with the attacks in other countries.

    There was also an Economist article a few months ago calling in general terms for international accords on cyberwarfare; I think this would have been after Stuxnet became more known after June of 2010, though it was not named in the article.

  9. Of the several articles I’ve read about this incident, none have mentioned how may facilities in Israel have been hit. We’ve heard about several other countries being hit, but why not Israel with its highly technical businesses, etc.? And if so, to what levels, serious installations or minor, non-governmental places?

  10. I also hope we did it and to be sure: This was the smartest thing to do in a situation where Obama looses it and accepts the anti-Israel atomic bomb made in Iran while intimidating us to not defend ourselves in a classical military strike – even leftist and Obama-friend Ehud Barak says in a fox interview “History will judge this [Obama] administration” (http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/139733)
    So this was a great choice and it is working since the Iranians have to postpone the Bushehr run and have so far no solution for the virus…

    I just don’t know how long we can keep fighting only cyber. Anyway on October 13th Ahmadinejad will be around on his own to throw a stone on us from Lebanon, which he himself calls the “Iranian border with Israel”.

    Good luck Israel!

    1. What utter stupidity. You want to be provocative? Gei gesunt. Now, you’re moderated. Your rant was full of lies. THere is no Iranian bomb let alone one that is “anti-Israel.”

      Barak, “leftist?” For a settler supporter like you, sure. For the rest of the normal people of the world…not a chance.

      Bushehr has nothing to do with bomb making since it doesn’t enrich uranium. You’re a total ignoramus. But thank God, our opponents on the right should all be as stupid as you.

  11. I’ve been to Israel and whilst the IDF forces are just dumb smucks, the suited variety who haunt the corridors of “power” in the beaurocracy play for keeps.

  12. My understanding is that stuxnet has been found in several countries, including five installations in Germany, but has done no harm there because it is looking for a _specific_ _individual_ installation.

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