11 thoughts on “Mossad Threatens Life of Dubai Police Chief Investigating al-Mabouh Assassination, New Suspect Arrested – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Taken directly from Arabian Nights (One Thousand and One Nights)
    Richard Dubai’s chief of police is trying to build a name for himself, the mossad doesn’t threaten people, it’s not the mafia. this sound so “Movie like” incident that i wonder how a serious guy like yourself fell into this trap.
    ho now i see the mossad would have used the “kill switch”
    right ?

    1. the mossad doesn’t threaten people, it’s not the mafia.

      That’s not what many experienced observers believe. Indeed they believe it precisely resembles the Mafia, a mobbed up nation state intelligence service. And how do you what the Mossad does or doesn’t do? What direct, expert experience do you have in this area?

      I assure you that Dubai’s police chief is as serious as a heart attack. How else do you think he visually identified every single Mossad assassin with weeks of the hit? And got one of them arrested so far & another 2 this week?

      Your wasting yr feeble attempts at wit. They don’t go over well here.

      1. just for the record and FYI: the name is Mahmoud “al-Mabhouh” (mab-Houh) (in arabic letters: m-b-Ha-waw-Ha), not “al-Mabouh”.

    2. We should always suspect those entrusted with power or acting as executives of the latter. We should suspect them all the more if their operations are hidden from the public eye. Your statements about the Mossad, Analyzer, could make sense only if one assumed that this specific secret service is somehow impervious to the usual corrupting influence of power, all the more so of power exercised secretly. Such an assumption would be of an almost theological nature, and I strongly prefer to leave theological assumptions to theology.

  2. There’s face recognition software behind almost every CCTV camera in the Emirates.
    This greatly speeds up the process of tracking people around even if they change clothes etc.

    And once the cameras are locked onto a suspect, they are automatically followed through even the most confusing crowd. So every intersection between two agents gave the Dubai police another line of inquiry.

    And it continues, because every time those agents meet colleagues in other countries, where the UAE’s intelligence is able to get feeds from the CCTV network, more agents will be identified.

    It’s beyond question that the UAE’s face recognition parameters for Mossad agents have already been run over footage from Heathrow and Gatwick airports, and Holland Park, for several years past. The software is completely compatible.

    Sooner or later, it’s going to occur to some bright spark to run all those faces over the archived footage from Gowan Avenue and Munster Road in 1999, too.

    1. You’re right, Medawar. The facial recognition system assisted in identifying the people in the surveillance videos as being Mossad agents.

      Somehow, I find it rather far-fetched to assume the Mossad, whose modus operandi seems to involve a blatant disregard for law and for legal parameters, would hesitate to threaten anyone it believes is hindering it in its mission.

      An agency who guns people down in the streets is quite capable of issuing death threats, IMHO.

      1. wake up guys … Mossad is not so much different than CIA, former KGB, french, chinese, and whatever clandestine intelligence service … Mossad is just better at what it does and getting more desperate by the day … knowing that those “emirati” clandestine services are really not completely run just by old-time raghead “a-raaaaaaa-bs”.

        1. The Mossad screws up much more often than the CIA, but that’s beside the point. Both agencies have dubious histories and are utterly atrocious. But I don’t know of the French or Chinese assassinating people on foreign soil, do you?

          The point is – that’s no way to do things. Thuggishness committed within the borders of another country is just unexcusable, as is condemning and killing a human being without due process of law.

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