11 thoughts on “‘President Peres: Save Us from Ourselves’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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          1. WRONG. YOu’re Israeli & you didn’t see this in Yediot? I have the jpg of the article in case you don’t believe me. Not every Yediot article gets on the website. And yes, he published it in his blog. He’s entitled to publish it both at Yediot & his blog. Nothing unusual in that. You make a big mistake in trying to “find me out.” I don’t make many mistakes that you’re going to catch. And I certainly didn’t here. Keep trying though. Perhaps you’ll eventually catch an error or two.

    1. There already is a link to Sarna’s blog in this thread. Are you asking for a link to the Yediot piece in the newspaper? If so, didn’t you read what I said about not all articles being on the website? As I wrote, I have the jpeg & if you insist I’ll post it here. Though it would only be meaningful for you since all other Israelis can read it at Sarna’s blog site.

  1. Ye gads, this guy seems to care only about the repercussions to Israel if there is an attack on Iran. He shows not the slightest interest in the Iranians that would be maimed and killed if Israel and/or the US goes ahead with their plans.

    Ye gads, appealing to Peres is tantamount to asking Goldman-Sacks to forgo mortgage payments on your home. Peres has never been serious about peace, he is a racist and only wants to expand Israel and cleanse it from any trace of Islam. Why would he want to prevent the coming war? He is one of its strongest promoters.

    Ye gads, Richard. Evoking God and Obama in the same breath merely shows your own naivté. Anyhow, who can believe in either one of them?

    1. I didn’t say that Sarna’s views were perfectly in accord w. my own. I said that they strike a very deep chord in hopefully a large segment of Israelis & therefore should be better known outside Israel.

      YOu know my views about Peres as I’ve written copiously & harshly about him here. But I couldn’t help be moved by Sarna’s appeal to Peres as someone who might, just might, set things right. Of course, this is a desperate, almost hopeless appeal & Sarna knows that. I don’t know that Peres supports a war with Iran. He certainly has said stupid things about Iran. But supporting a war? Not sure where he stands on that.

      I knew you would hate the reference to God, but what can you do?

  2. It isn’t clear that Obama has the capability to do anything much about Iran. God may still have some influence in the matter, though.

    Gene’s right, at least in this instance: it’s not just about what Israel might suffer if it starts a war. There is no situation so dreadful that you are not accountable for how you respond to it.

    The casualties may extend a long way outside both Iran and Israel, too.

  3. Didn’t just write about this a couple of days ago when i said that it is so depressing to be bombarded day in day out about wars that only become self fulfilling.
    Thank you for that someone of putting the feeling out there.
    Government and military hacks are out there not to protect us but to protect themselves and their jobs AT ANY COST, even if that cost sending this country back a million years.
    Zealotry will show the world what true destruction on account or religion is, the problem is we won’t be doing it to someone else but onto ourselves, and the joke is on us, viva the IDF and the settlers.

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