8 thoughts on “Israeli Extremists Deface Kamm Home – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I mostly agree, besides the idea the house is watched by the police. where did you get it from?

    As for “treason” of the peace camp, there’s nothing new in this extreme right wing view. There’s a similar view of the settlers and especially the religious settlers coming from the left wing (which I personally hold, at least about a significant minority of them)

    1. You think someone under house arrest wouldn’t have police watching to ensure that she honored the conditions? Besides, the police publicly noted that she allowed a family member to visit her who was not on the approved list. How did they know this? Because they were surveilling the house of course.

      The diff. bet. the left’s view of the right & the right’s view of the left is that no one on the left is willing to engage in violence against the right & no one on the left calls for the hanging or death of anyone on the right. That’s certainly not true of the right which is riddled with actual & rheotorical violence against all its enemies whether Palestinian or Israeli.

      1. There seems to be a misunderstanding here, based on the fact that you assume that the house that was spraypainted and the location of Anat Kamm’s house arrest are the same, while Yaakov assumes Anat Kamm’s parents live somewhere else.

  2. You reported earlier that government sources (I forget who exactly) had ‘accidentally’ revealed Anat Kamm’s home address. Harassment at her own place was only to be waited for after this (and intended?). Does she live with her parents? In that case the Israeli government is responsible for these acts.

  3. is that it? one part of a bannister?

    come on…they didnt even tp the home with some of that really ruff israeli toilet paper?

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