5 thoughts on “Shin Bet Chief: Our ‘Enemies Dream of Getting Their Hands On’ Documents Kam Leaked, and Other Lies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. To be fair, Diskin’s comments on the super-top-secret-documents-Israe’ls-enemies-would-love-to-get-their-hands-on, did not necessarily regard those few published in Haaretz. The indictment states over 700 secret documents copied by Kam, and some of those might actually contain potentially harmful information. Of course, we can’t know that for sure, because the list of documents is in a separate secret appendix.
    I wouldn’t think it be beyond the Shabak to go after Kam and Blau for sake of revenge, intimidation, or to protect Naveh and others, but regardless of their motives, if Kam indeed copied 700 secret documents, it would be hard to show that all or even most of them were required to show the army’s misconduct. On the other hand, i doubt that the prosecution could prove it was all done with an intent to harm national security, as the indictment states again and again.

    1. I can’t imagine Kamm would have had the time to read and assess 700 documents individually at the time she clandestinely copied them in the office. I’d speculate that once her suspicion was aroused (by the Two Towers operation or something else) she copied a whole batch to assess them later.

  2. I agree with Assaf and wish to add that Blau isn’t being prosecuted at all (right now) and if he ever will be it’s not for what he published, but rather for possession of classified documents, in extraordinary amounts since the mere existence of Israeli military reporters proves there’s some circulation of such documents going on all the time. The difference this time seems to be the amount, the scope and the importance.

    It is likely that Blau won’t be prosecuted at all in exchange for all his documents, as was the case with Elhanan Tannenbaum. Diskin has no way to make Blau cooperate willingly other than threaten him with legal action.

  3. Leibovitz was of course wrong. Israel was already a Shin Beit state for Arabs since 1948 when he made that prediction. Leibovitz would have been right had he predicted that eventually Israel would also become a Shin Beit state for Jews, but that would have required him to be not only prophetic, but universally so.

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