12 thoughts on “Canadian Council for Israel-Jewish Advocacy Website Disappears – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. A little more info:

    1. You get this message for the CIJA website rather than the website that was formerly there:


    You see this page because there is no Web site at this address.

    2. The website was paid through: (12/29/2016 so the bill has been paid long in advance-in fact it was just updated in January)

    Domain name: internic.ca
    Domain status: EXIST
    Domain number: 330
    Approval date: 2000/09/18
    Renewal date: 2016/12/29
    Updated date: 2010/01/11

    Name: Internic.ca Inc.
    Number: 29

    Name: Internic.ca Inc.
    Number: 330
    Description: Domain Registration Service

    Administrative contact:
    Name: Jason Lavigne

    3. Internic.ca Inc. is one of the servers under momentous.ca—their website is up and running, no problem there. COULD it be a server problem? Possibly, but momentous has multiple servers that had they been contacted they would have moved the account over easily. Besides that, you don’t get an error message, you get “there is no Web site at this address”

    4. The video has been tucked away on the sizedoesntmatter website, no longer front and center when you log on there. You have to go to media and then click “videos” to find it.

    5. I’m curious too! CIJA has taken a beating on this ill-thought out campaign-so much so-that if you read another thread here, the MFA itself had Vimeo remove the video. From disappearing videos to disappearing websites
    it’s sure been an interesting site to behold.

  2. I checked out the link and it seems that the site is up again. It just looks more fancy-schmancy than the one linked as ”Here is what the website used to look like” in the article above…

  3. It’s back up now I see as well. There was no crazy conclusion, it was an observation. Considering what has gone on this week regarding this video in retrospect it is was a rather coincidental oddity.

  4. The site is up. I don’t know why you are running to conclusions. Almost as conspiracional as the right-wing guys.

  5. Web sites do disappear temporarily due to errors and glitches — changes in Domain Name Server configuration, etc. It could indeed be a simple coincidence. Or not.

    The domain registration changes for SizeDoesntMatter.ca — now that stuff is indeed interesting.

    Note too that B’nai Brith Canada (further to the right than CJA/CIJA, and with connections to the Conservative Party while CJA/CIJA’s connections have tended to be with the Liberal Party) have boarded the critical bandwagon: http://www.jewishtribune.ca/TribuneV2/index.php/201003022731/SIZE-DOESN-T-MATTER.html.

    1. The original Size Doesn’t Matter video has been pulled fr. the website. Case of terminal bad taste I guess. But the video’s still available on YouTube where it hopefully will live forever…

  6. OKEY DOKEY!!!!!! Stephen, THANK YOU for that link! Now let’s discuss it!

    “For several days, even the Canadian Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy (CIJA) had been playing down its association, insisting it was a student initiative, although several media reports exposed the organization’s involvement in planning the campaign. When the Jewish Tribune tried getting a telephone interview last week with Dan Hadad, CIJA’s manager of marketing and communications, he sent an email message that “the campaign is run by CFJS.” Pressed to discuss CIJA’s role, he wrote, “if you would like to send me them [questions] by email, I’d be happy to look at them and respond tomorrow.”
    AH HA!!! Dan Hadad is CIJA’s manager of marketing and communications uh-huh but CIJA had nothing to do with the campaign?

    Than PRAY TELL why is Dan Hadad the FIRST listed on their Facebook page as a friend because the friends list was NOT alphabetized so it is listed in the order the “friends” friended on the sizedoesntmatter Facebook page.

    QUICK Dan, go to Facebook now and alphabetize the friends list so you don’t show up as first friend!

    FURTHERMORE, on their twitter account, Dan Hadad is the first “follower” AND the first “followed”!!!!


    Now, let’s see what Dan tweeted on his own twitter. Oh MY, since Feb 18th he hasn’t tweeted about a single thing except for the SDM campaign.


    So, Dan Hadad, CIJA’s manager of marketing and communications stresses the SDM campaign is run by STUDENTS but HIS hand is all over their Facebook and twitter accounts as FIRST friend/followed/follower and the only thing he has tweeted on his own personal twitter since Feb 18th has been about the SDM campaign!

    Oh, here’s a tantalizing paragraph from the article Stephen linked:

    “The Size Doesn’t Matter web site’s introductory video features a young couple in bed who appear to be discussing oral sex until a map of Israel – “it’s paradise, baby,” the male says – is seen covering the middle of his naked body. As well, campaign supporters on several university campuses across Canada have been distributing condoms with the words Size Doesn’t Matter”
    Condoms?!!!! Let’s distribute CONDOMS with Size Doesn’t Matter for a campaign for Israel? You have GOT to be kidding me!

    Need any more be said about this illustrious campaign with CIJA’s hands ALL over it? With Susan Davis, who began her career with the UN High Commissioner on Refugees and has been Executive Vice President of CIJA since 2005 stating, “Our students year-to-year on campus are so burdened by the politicization of the debate”

    Oh those poor students, they shouldn’t be burdened with the status of Palestinian REFUGEES amongst other “burdening” things who while you worked for the UN in that office certainly had something to do with. NO, better yet, pass out condoms for Israel as part of the Canadian campaign against Israeli APARTHEID week. Quick, over THERE, it’s a bird, no wait, it’s a CONDOM and it’s FREE! So glad we lightened your “burden” Canadian students!

    All is well, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite as the video in question has now been missing in action on the SDM website for more than two days. “under construction” despite the fact their Facebook page on SUNDAY announced any minute their second video would be up:

    February 28 at 8:33am

    Who knows, maybe the campaign has run out of condoms too. Un-FREAKING believable.

  7. This is a comment left on CJPAC’s (which is the lobbying arm of CIJA) Facebook by Dad Hadad

    Dan Hadad-Aviad
    The idea is for the user to go to a website, this specific video is oriented towards “tourism” But WATCH OUT for the next few, they will deal with innovation and rights in Israel!
    February 19 at 6:52am · Report


    Compare Hadad’s comment to Rebecca Cherniak’s statement concerning the next video (mind you video #1 has been missing in action on the SDM website for three days and on SUNDAY”the SDM Facebook page announced it was a matter of hours til the second video would be released):

    “Our next video,” says Cherniak, “will take the viewers from an office scene to a bedroom scene.” Provocativeness, presumably, ensues.”

    BUT, alas Dan who ignored the request for an interview may or may not have gotten back to the Jewish Tribune who was questioning him.

    Hello hello HELLO, the world anxiously awaits video #2! Susan Davis stated, “They have savvy, sophisticated students…. We provided them with the platform.

    “Innovation and rights” combined with “offices and bedrooms”. That sure is a “savvy and sophisticated” approach to promoting Israel to combat Israeli APARTHEID week!

    (pssssst, while Dan and Rebecca are busy cooking up their video campaign, over at York University this week the Truth Campaign was underway)

    “During IAW, Hasbara at York, along with support from Christians United for Israel (CUFI) and StandWithUs, is standing publicly in solidarity with the courageous soldiers of the state of Israel and welcomes all those who support
    the IDF to join. These pro-Israel groups will be raising awareness and educating students about the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) and its role in defending Israel
    against a brutal terror war that indiscriminately targets civilians. Hasbara at York will be talking to students about Israel’s security concerns and the relief efforts the IDF is engaged in within Israel and around the world. As well, a
    daily prayer for the safety of the soldiers and for the state of Israel are taking place in Vari Hall Monday through Thursday at 12:30 p.m.”

    Sooo, over at York they are praying together with CUFI!

    Read more on the Truth Campaign


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