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  1. So Edelstein’s saying, “we didn’t do it, but if we did do it, we did the world a favor.” As usual, the narcissism and denial are full blown here, with an Israeli official refusing to acknowledge the fact that all evidence points to Israel, and that this murder was just that – a murder. Seeming to be so damned concerned about justice, the narcissist is only concerned when it applies to himself, not to anyone else.

    Whenever Israel murders anyone, they begin to channel Dick Cheney at his creepiest, calling the victim “the worst of the worst” and insisting that they made the world safe for hegemony. That is, if they ever admit it in the first place, which it appears would be a good idea at this point because Israel is looking worse than I ever thought they could.

    The dog-eared anti-Semitism card isn’t going to play this time; people who are questioning this latest gangsterish debacle are not anti-Semitics but are those who are interested in knowing the truth and seeking justice. Murder is murder, whether the victim is a saint or “pond scum;” the moment we begin to accept that any government or individual in the world can play judge, jury and executioner is the moment we lose what little justice remains in the world, and there is, at least hypothetically, nothing to protect us from becoming the next one to die.

    1. So Edelstein’s saying, “we didn’t do it, but if we did do it, we did the world a favor.”

      So does of course Avigdor Lieberman, telling his European counterparts he had “no information”. (Quoted in several Haaretz articles which I’m too lazy to dig up right now.) It’s not known how much the Europeans had to struggle for self-control, not to laugh him out of the room. Not everybody can be Danny Ayalon after all.
      Lawrence of Cyberia once aptly and memorably called it the Bart Simpson Defence: we didn’t do it, nobody saw us do it, you can’t prove anything.

      1. Bart Simpson’s defense may not apply in this case, actually. It looks like a lot can be proven if anyone only cares to do it, and I’m afraid the whole thing will be stonewalled by, you guessed it, the United Slaves of America. Not a peep out of the White House about this, I’m sure all the pro-Zionist shills who live off our tax dollars are keeping their lips zipped and their heads down, hoping the storm will blow over. I am asking and asking, but I can’t get any information on what is going on with regard to those US-issued credit cards picked up by the Dubai police. I wonder if there is any kind of investigation going on here – and if there isn’t, why not?

  2. I think you mean, when a Zionist kills an Arab (at least in this case). I am sure that racism plays a big part in this, but what prevails is Israel’s self-perceived moral superiority and self-righteousness.

    I wonder just what would happen if Israel targeted an American or other person on American soil, sent Mossad agents just as Israel “allegedly” did, and murdered this person here in the US. Would it turn into an international incident, or would it be quietly swept under the rug?

    Why has there been no further information provided on those American-issued credit cards, by the way?

    1. Actually, I do mean when a Jew kills an Arab. I was reflecting the point of view of Edelstein and his ilk, of course.

      Would it turn into an international incident, or would it be quietly swept under the rug?

      Just think USS Liberty, and you’ve got the answer to that question.

      1. Both points taken. Maybe that is indeed all it boils down to, at least for the Edelstein crowd, that the only life that counts is a Jewish life; Arabs are not humans.

        Since most people have no recollection of the USS Liberty incident, you are most certainly correct about that, too.

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