4 thoughts on “Stand With Us Tours IDF Boosters to Counter Gaza War Criticism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. These shills will no doubt be showing up at the Friends of IDF gala scheduled in New York City on March 9th at the Waldorf Astoria. $1,200 a plate for this chowfest, it’s a big arm of Hasbara which I think is outrageously inappropriate. Does any other foreign army have a “Friends” organization in the US such as this?

    Stand With Us is just another arm of this hideous spider; what do we have to do, to get this crap out of our country? A bash for war criminals in New York City, more of them stumping around everywhere making sure the Palestinian people never see justice, I’m utterly sickened.

  2. When I got the notice last week I went to the SWU website but found no schedule of speaking engagements for these brave ones, only photographs and profiles of all the speakers and an invitation for groups to contact SWU if they wanted to host an event. I still see nothing on the site about dates and venues, and would appreciate knowing when they plan to be in Los Angeles so that Women in Black and others might give them an appropriate welcome. Any information, Richard?

    1. I couldn’t find anything about the tour dates and cities, either. I am wondering if they are being kept secret because of the likelihood of demonstrators (or “hecklers”). Bear in mind the recent Michael Oren speech, for starters.

    2. Roz Rothstein is SWU’s founder & lives in LA so they’ll definitely be there. You could call the JCRC at the Jewish federation if they still have one. Or call Brad who writes The God Blog for the Jewish Journal. He might be able to find out. There’s also the Progressive Jewish Alliance down there to query.

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