24 thoughts on “Look Who’s Calling Hannah Rosenthal ‘Dopey?’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Take heart, Richard. I know some neocons who absolutely detest you. It helps me to know whose blogs I should be visiting. Your notoriety is growing; just be patient.

    Happy New Year, my friend. May 2010 bring you all the fame (or infamy) you deserve!

  2. That’s what men call women who intimidate them: dopey. These guys are scared.

    No worries Richard, I’m sure they hate your guts. You’re doing a stupendous job, I adore your commentaries.

    1. I do not hate, not even his ‘guts’. I pity his position and character and ideology for they are all wrong. I do not like his kowtowing. I feel sorry for Jews like that. But not hate. The hate, if you look around the comments here, is on the other side, the liberals, the progressives, the humanists, et al.

      1. You don’t pity him or anyone else. Pity is such a misused word which many times translates as “contempt.” I see you are a lover and user of labels to identify people; it makes it easier to have contempt when you can so easily put people into groups.

        1. Labels? You mean like using ‘vermin’?

          And no, not contempt. Feeling sorry. Richard proclaims his Jewishness and a feeling of concern for Israel. He could do better in his choices for Israel’s security as a state and the security of its citizens facing Arab terror whether continuing Qassams from Gaza, drive-by shootings on roads in Yesha, bulldozers in Jerusalem, an occasional Katyusha in the North and the demonization of Zionism by Jews and non-Jews throughout the world.

          I feel sorry he doesnt make those better choices.

      2. I do not hate

        Your settler buddies more than compensate for yr own claimed lack of hate. And let’s make clear it is not the progressive who are killing Israeli policemen, Israeli gay teenagers, & attempting to kill professors and Peace Now activists–not to mention Palestinians. It is not progressives who threaten my life. It is your settler buddies who do that. And my words are just that–words even if they contain strong emotions. I would never wish an Israeli university professor dead as one of your other rightist friends did. Now that’s hate. And you guys on the right own it.

    1. Isn’t it interesting that a right wing Jewish man would find that it was “dopey” for me to criticize a slew of other right wing Jewish men who question the intelligence of a Jewish woman in a demeaning fashion.

      I’m afraid to say that I don’t have enough respect for your views or writing to want to read any attack on me you might write. So you could’ve spared yrself the link. It’s kind of deliberately provocative of you. I’m not going to rise to the bait.

      1. “Interesting”? Why? Do you think any left-wing progressive radical thinkers would find your approach odd? Thanks for not having ‘respect’. Is that a neighborhood thing or do Jews do it too? Sorry for being ‘deliberately provocative’. I just thought that open-minded, humanist people would be inquisitive enough to try to test their outlook against facts and other opinions. If you are an example, the Jewish mind would seem to be suffering anemic challenges of intellect.

        1. left-wing progressive radical thinkers

          Isn’t that piling on? You get a 15 yard penalty for that in American football. Do others see why I can’t have any respect for this guy’s writing, let alone his pro-settler views?

          to test their outlook against facts…

          You, facts? What facts? What facts can you adduce against Hannah Rosenthal other than questioning her intelligence as yr ideological pals Goldberg & Rosner have done? And don’t repeat the same old trite arguments I’ve read in scandal sheets like JPost and the like. Come up w. something new or retire from the field.

          BTW, do you think it’s an advisable argument for a bunch of Jewish guys to smear a Jewish woman’s alleged lack of intelligence by calling her stupid? Can you see that reasonable peopel might think this was sexist? No, of course you can’t since settlers prefer their women either at home or else in Manhattan synagogues threatening Mahmoud Abbas with assassination.

          If you are an example, the Jewish mind would seem to be suffering anemic challenges of intellect.

          I don’t know as most of my readers would trust you as the best arbiter of Jewish intellect since you appear to suffer fr. diminished capacity.

          1. 15 yards? Hey, I can toss a Hail Mary longer than that. By the way, which one of those terms aren’t you?

            Fact: government employees in high positions do not criticize ambassadors, unless they are drunk. She was wrist-slapped, wasn’t she, by State Department official Jeff Feltman? Isn’t that a fact?

            Smear? “Dopey” is a smear? Aw, gee, you can come up with a better smear than that as far as ‘value points’ like, what did you write about me? “Diminished capacity”? Oh, that’s a good one. Shows up your intelligence, doesn’t it?

            Actually, my wife has been a teacher out of the house most of the time we’ve been at Shiloh since 1981, my daughter is a prominent contitutional lawyer with a Heb. U. MA in Law, my other daughter is an executive administrative assistant of an important public institution in Jerusalem and my thrid daughter has a MA in Comparative Lit. but went back to get a Social Worker’s license.

            Try to get your facts straight when you criticize.

          2. government employees in high positions do not criticize ambassadors

            That’s bull crap and if you don’t know it you should. Avigdor Lieberman criticizes foreign governments, their leaders and their diplomats practically every day. You just don’t like it when the other side does it. When your side does it you give 3 cheers & say: “Up theirs.”

            “Dopey” is a smear on Hannah Rosenthal’s intelligence. Yes it is.

            For me to write the obvious that you have diminished intelligence & don’t know how to write English indicates acuity on my part.

            If your children are intelligent then I guess the apples fell pretty far fr. the tree. But I don’t know that I can trust yr judgment on much of anything given the choler to exhibit toward anyone whose views are to yr left.

          1. Pssst. She can’t read. But that doesn’t make her dopey.

            I like that “tripe” throw-away. Excellent example of your presumed superior intelligence.

          2. Wow, Mr. Medad, you bicker with the best of the shrill gang of settler apologists, but you say nothing of substance.

            You right wingers are on the run. You’ll spell the end of Zionism, and that is why I like you. You’re the disease that is going to kill the patient.

  3. I’m having a problem getting past the issue of why our State Department has an “Office to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism” in the first place.

    Why not an Office to Monitor and Combat Racism?

    Mary in Cairo with the Gaza Freedom March

    1. Asalam Alaykum Mary, may God bless you. I wish I were there.

      How about an Office to Monitor and Combat Zionism? I’d love to see that.

  4. Mary, Mary, you make me quite wary.

    Will you call me ‘vermin’ next?

    We’re on the run? Gosh, the amount of spiteful hatred in just a few post’s here are enough to give witness that you guys are running around in circles. We are 300,000+ Jews in Judea and Samaria. We are 200,000 in the neighborhoods of east Jerusalem. Muslim birthrate is down. The Pals. are split between ever increasing violent and extreme and woman-hating groups (oh, and they murder, rape and rob Christians too – or don’t they count?) and can’t get any act together.

    Zionism is the return of Jews to their homeland and you can’t get more homey than Shiloh, site of the Tabernacle and Samuel’s entrance into prophecy; Hevron, site of the Cave of the Patriarchs and where David’s kingdom began; BethEl where Yaakov laid down to dream of a ladder;, etc., etc.

    We compromised in 1923 when the British stole eastern Eretz-Yisrael to give to some Saudi Arabian refugee; we agreed to a partition in 1937; another in 1947 – but the Arabs didn’t and there was terror and violence. Think: there was no “occupation” before June 5, 1967 and no “settlements” either – but there was Arab terror and no peace. Why? What problem that existed then be solved by now dealing with Jewish communities populated by revenant Jews?

    We are going to “kill” Zionism? Mary, Mary, Arabs kill Jews. They burn them. They blow them up. They shoot them, they stab them. They burn our trees. Uproot our saplings. They kill them old, they kill them young. They kill them women, they kill them men. And you Mary, help and assist them.

    P.S. Getting back to that feminism bit, try Nadia Matar, Daniella Weiss, Miriam Levinger, Caroline Glick, Tzipi Hotovely (not Livni), Eve Harow, Geula Cohen, et al. Good women. Out-of-the-house women, to an extent. All on our side.

    1. Will you call me ‘vermin’ next?

      No, she won’t both because she knows the comment rules here & because, unlike yr friends Asher Weissgan, Jack Teitel, Nadia Matar, & all those settler rabbis who kill or advocate killing their fellow Jews, she doesn’t stoop so low.

      woman-hating groups

      Oh, now here for a second I thought you were going to be honest & refer to the women-hating haredim who drag Jewish women fr. the Kotel & arrest them for holding a Torah in their hands. Talk about women-hating.

      oh, and they murder, rape and rob Christians too

      This is disgusting point scoring propaganda and violates my comment rules. If you want to score pts you have a blog to do that. If you want to spew hatred & lies you’ll do it elsewhere. BTW, Jack Teitel caused grievous injury to a messianic Jewish teenager with the bomb he planted outside the boy’s home in Israel. How’s that for Jews maiming Christians?

      We are going to “kill” Zionism?

      Yes, your hate will kill Zionism. But Jews kill Arabs too. In fact, when they’re not settlers doing it there’s always the IDF to do it en masse. They rocket them–civilians. They shoot them. They stab them. In fact at a rate 10 times the rate of Arabs killing Jews. And that’s civilians we’re talking about, not Palestinian militants.

      When has a Palestinian burned a settler tree or sapling? YOu’re a friggin’ liar is what you are. Yr settler buddies destroy Palestinian plantings or instigate pogroms against them with knifings, burning entire olive groves & you have the utter chutzpah to lie about a tree being burned??? You’re a vile human being. I won’t even call you a Jew because it makes me sick to know you were born into the same covenant as I.

      As for Nadia Matar, she’s the one who told listeners at a Manhattan synagogue to kill Mahmoud Abbas. And you think this murderous settler fanatic has a right to pronouce a credible word about Hannah Rosenthal?

      You’re banned. Just writing this & reading you makes me feel dirty. And when you write about this be sure to add that I banned you for violating numerous comment rules including ones about anti-Arab hate, and specifically outright lies.

      1. Please do ban him. I am drawn to this blog exactly because it usually lacks the baseless statements and abusive terminology that you so often find elsewhere. (And I mean not only by people who are extremely pro-Israel, but also by people on the other extreme, who use outrageous terminology like ‘Zionazi’.)

        1. He showed up like a schoolyard bully hoping to kick around a few liberals, but he actually had nothing of value to say, merely attempted to taunt everyone into a verbal brawl he would have been certain to lose, anyway. I looked at his blog, he’s a racist bin of rubbish spewing hatred of Muslims, Arabs and anyone else he thinks he can slap around. He is a terrorist, supporting violent actions against Palestinians in the name of his extremist interpretation of Judaism.

  5. It’s not spiteful hatred. It’s an honest statement. Any ideology that victimizes others in order to succeed is bound to fail. People such as yourself, who champion this ideology beyond any moderation, are the frontrunners in causing their own destruction.

    Palestine has been under occupation for at least 62 years. It is common knowledge. Arab terror is and has been a response to that occupation. That is a simple fact, too.

    You also show yourself to be a racist, making remarks about Muslims and birth rates that you cannot support. And I have seen plenty of murder and rape lately, by settlers with Palestinians for their victims. You also seem to enjoy vandalizing Muslim places of worship, cowards that you are, as well as running over Palestinians with your cars.

    Arabs kill Jews? Well, how about looking at the statistics throughout the occupation, you will notice that four times as many Arabs have been murdered as Jews. Last year, Jews killed 1,400 Palestinians in Gaza alone. Your perpetual victimhood is all in your mind; reality is quite different.

    Your version of history is quite erroneous also. You may wish to read Ilan Pappe’s book, “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.” It is not his words that are speaking the history of Zionism in Palestine; he quotes David Ben Gurion and many others, and supports his narrative with thorough and reputable research and sources.

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