4 thoughts on “J Street Supports Iran Sanctions – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. J Street has this to say:

    “However, should engagement not produce the desired results, we too believe that the United States should seek hard-hitting multilateral sanctions through the United Nations Security Council. If that course of action proves impossible, then the U.S. should work to build the broadest possible international coalition to back such steps.”

    But Russia and China have pretty much barred the way of a Security Council resolution and would not back an external deal. Perhaps Sarkozy, Merkel and Brown might, but that’s a long shot.

    In practice, then, J Street is not calling for anything that is likely to ever be realized.

  2. Apparently, to JStreet, the end justifies the means. As aan Israeli, wouldn’t want anything to do with so unethical organization.

    And when I’ve thought nothing from J Street could surprise me, But I almost fell off my chair last night while listening to a radio program where one of J Street founding board members, Avram Burg, was promoting his last book. Burg said he wanted to serve in the Israeli investigation of Cast Lead.

    That’s someone who after losing the elections, became a French citizen and suggested on the Israeli public waves that Israelis should get a European passport.

    1. As aan Israeli, wouldn’t want anything to do with so unethical organization.

      Be careful Silvia, because anything you say around here will actually spur people to believe just the opposite. So if you believe J St. is unethical we’ll know this means that the truth is that J St. IS ethical. And we’ll know that because we know that virtually everything you say is wrong.

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