3 thoughts on “Misunderstanding the Iranian Threat – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Are all the speakers support sanctions/military action on Iran? not even one against it? none supports the Obama approach of “engagement”?

    Between this three options i guess you support Obama’s, a raging success so far for sure, but what if it fails?

    Are there people in your confrence that support the sanctions/military option?

    1. If the federation can present a program where all speakers will endorse a hawkish confrontational approach to Iran why am I obligated to add a similar speaker to my program? Are you demanding that I be holier than the pope (or chief rabbi)?

  2. Richard,
    You might be interested in reading an article over on Foreign Policy, the “woe is me, I’ve been done wrong, no one listened to me and that’s why we are where we are now” by Larry Franklin. Listen to the caged bird sing, it’s quite interesting, the psychology of how he can seem so darn aloof to the maniacal manipulation of these few men who are responsible for the deaths and displacement of millions of Iraqis. (the article is about his plan for Iran that no one followed and that’s why we’re in the pickle we’re in now, but he still has a plan!) There’s some cog missing there I think.

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