5 thoughts on “Julie & Julia, a Joy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I also give Julie Powell a mixed review. Her book was dreadful, but a review she wrote of a book by a major NYT’s food writer Molly O’Neil was very perceptive. She wasn’t afraid to write a critical review of a high-profile, NYT’s writer, something rarely done.

    Here’s a review from Gourmet magazine by Laura Shapiro who wrote a great little biography of Julia Child. The Wall St. Journal also did a good job reviewing this movie.


  2. Happy you had a nice anniversary dinner. I share your appreciation of Meryl Streep (check her out in the Deer Hunter, from ’77 I believe) and am also an aficionado of Julia Child’s cooking, recipes… and the ever-famous Julia Child imitation (great at parties), you gotta get the voice right, though.

    At the risk of being banned for writing off-thread-topic, I keep noticing your rotating, flashing photo of Daniel Barenboim with his East-Western Divan orchestra. I listened to/watched a couple snippets of them on YouTube a while back, and they’re quite remarkable players. I was really impressed by the beautiful tonal quality of their playing and technical dexterity, for such young players. I noticed on Barenboim’s web-site that they’re touring Europe this summer with a program of Liszt, Wagner and Berlioz. I sure wish they’d come and tour the States. I’d go and see them if they came to Portland.

    1. One of my readers, Gene Shulman, lives in Geneva & went to see the Diwan there. I’ll check out his review of the concert & perhaps post it here. I too wish they would come to the States, but these things cost oodles of money & there is no subsidy as there is for European cultural events (here in the States culture is entirely an economic commodity & whatever doesn’t carry freight doesn’t happen).

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