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  1. Dear Richard,
    in the Netherlands the murder of Jacob Israel de Haan is usally cited as the first political murder in Zionist history.
    I paste here something from the English verion of Wikipedia:

    “De Haan was assassinated on 30 June 1924, and responsibility was attributed to Zionists alarmed by his political activities and his contacts with Arab states.

    The 1985 publication of De Haan: The first political assassination in Palestine, by Shlomo Nakdimon and Shaul Mayzlish,[7] revived wider interest in his assassination.

    Nakdimon and Mayzlish were able to trace the assassin, Avraham Tehomi (1903-1990), then a businessman living in Hong Kong. Tehomi was interviewed for Israeli TV by Nakdimon and openly stated: “I have done what the Haganah decided had to be done. And nothing was done without the order of Yitzhak Ben-Zvi (who later became the second president of Israel 1952-1963)… I have no regrets because he (de Haan) wanted to destroy our whole idea of Zionism” (Nakdimon). Tehomi denied allegations that De Haan’s assassination was related to his homosexuality: “I neither heard nor knew about this”, adding “why is it someone’s business what he does at his home?”

    De Haan’s murder is considered the first political murder in the Jewish community in Palestine. His activities were perceived as undermining the struggle for the establishment of a Jewish state, but the assassination sparked a controversy and was harshly condemned by some.” etc.

    1. Here’s the link to the Wikipedia article. It’s incredibly fascinating. Imagine a haredi Jew who was gay and wrote novels about homosexual life and sado-masochism. Not to mention that he opposed the creation of a Jewish state.

      Also the fact that the Zionist movement was willing to murder its own as early as 1924 was shocking.

  2. Your statement that “Jewish thugs (probably Revisionist) thugs murdered Arlosoroff” is not accepted by most Israelis today. He was murdered by Arabs. Sima Arlosoroff, his wife, witnessed the murder, and her first statement to the police stated that Arabs did it. She later changed her story. The Labor movement made a lot of political hay out of the charge that Revisionists did it.
    There are different theories as to why Arabs killed him. It is possible that it was simply a robbery, but there are those who think Arabs were recruited by Nazi agents because Josef Goebbels wife Magda had been Arlosoroff’s girlfriend years before and the Nazi chiefs were afraid that this fact would get out. Here is a pretty summary:


    1. He was murdered by Arabs.

      There is absolutely no concrete proof to support this claim. This is so typical of you.

      Josef Goebbels wife Magda had been Arlosoroff’s girlfriend years before

      This too is a mischaracterization of the Wikipedia article. It says:

      During the first world war, Magda Behrend, who later became the wife of Joseph Goebbels, met and became close friends with Lisa Arlosoroff, Haim Arlosoroff’s sister. The nature of her relationship with Haim Arlosoroff is unknown.

      You do understand the meaning of the term “unknown” don’t you?

    1. Thank you for the sublime revisionist history based on such sophisticated themes. But you forgot to say that the alternative theory of the murder was also that it was a sexual attack by the Arabs.

  3. Jews were no strangers to mass murder even before the state of Israel was established.

    Jews played a grossly disproportionate role in Stalin’s secret police which killed millions and sent millions more to the Gulag.

    The famous “Murder Inc.” which is estimated to have killed 1000 people during the 1930s at the behest of various criminal gangs (many of them Italian) was strictly Kosher.

  4. Here is further information about the Arlosoroff murder:

    This is taken from the book “HaDerech El HaPanteon” by Dr Udi Lebel. It came out in 2008.
    On page 430 he makes an extensive quotation of an article by Professor Amnon Rubinstein (former Shinui and MERETZ cabinet member) which appeared in Ha’aretz on 29 June 1973: (I translate from Hebrew)
    “everyone who reads the new testimony (from recent years) is unable to be free of the clear impression that at a certain point in the trial (of Stavsky and the other Revisionists accused of the murder) numerous heads of the Haganah knew that some of the testimony were lies, the ‘line-ups’ (of possible suspects for Sima Arlosoroff to identify) were fictitious, and a hidden hand arranged fabricated testimony, and the fact that a man (an Arab) had confessed was hidden from the judges…when the (MAPAI) newspaper Davar wanted to write opposing the death penalty for Stavsky, an entire group (of MAPAI people) lead by Zalman Aranne (later a MAPAI cabinet minister) threatened a ‘pogrom’ (Rubinstein used the English word) among the editorial board of the newspaper.”

    Rubinstein continues: “Anyone who still believes that the Revisionists were guilty of the crime is either a fool or evil…” He adds “The only thing still subject to question is is not who killed Arlosoroff, but the identification fo the people who tried to murder the accused Stavsky and Rosenblatt, because a staged trial based on false evidence and valid testimony that was blocked from being given is merely a way of murdering someone by way of judicial proceedings”.

    Later in the book, Lebel, on page 441 says “9 years after the 1983 Commission of Inquiry (which cleared the Revisionists) Prof. Reuven Yaron who spoke to Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz shortly before his death regarding the Arolosoroff murder and Leibowitz stated that Sima Arolosoroff was severly depressed because she gave false testimony at the trial due to ‘pressure from the (party) comrades’…..Leibowitz was certain the Revisionists had nothing to do with the murder.”

      1. Bar Kochba wouldn’t tell you that background info, now would he? Take everything B.K. publishes here with a generous grain of salt unless you can confirm it via a more credible source.

        1. Richard, why do you always assume “Right-wingers” are automatically liars? Why should I tell you automatically the affiliaition of everyone I quote? Do you? I remember your classic statement “consider the source!”. Does this mean all political people EXCEPT for Leftists are inherently liars? Leftists never lie? Arabs never lie? Really?
          Are you saying that Lebel made up the quotes from Rubinstein and Leibowitz because he is a “right-winger” and thus automatically a liar? Are you saying that Ben-Gurion, although in your eyes “an expeller of Arabs” would NEVER lie to get what he wanted politically? That he would never lie in order to persecute his political opponents? That he would NEVER tell people to give false evidence in court in order to advance his political agenda. Is he a saint when it comes to internal Israeli politics, but a devil when it comes to the Arabs? Does that make sense?

          You called me a liar because I directly quoted (unfortunately becaue I didn’t have link) Meron Benveniste in Ha’aretz as saying Leftists should not automatically reject Netanyahu’s plan for developing the Palestinian economy prior to a politcal agreement. You wrote “Benveniste would never agree to anything Netanyahu says”. I was not lying and you have no grounds for making such an accusation. Do you really think everyone is as closed minded as you seem to think they are? Do you think even people on the Left think as you do all the time?

          I demand that you prove the quotes from the book are lies. THE BURDEN OF PROOF IN IS ON YOU, MY FRIEND.

          1. why do you always assume “Right-wingers” are automatically liars?

            No, I never said that. You did. Right-wingers have a decided ideological bias which should be accounted for when judging the reliability of anything they say. That doesn’t mean they lie. It doesn’t mean that EVERYTHING they say should be discounted. It means that care should be given to what one believes at face value.

            Why should I tell you automatically the affiliaition of everyone I quote?

            Uh, maybe because then I’d have more trust in what you say?

            Do you?

            Unlike you, I DO acknowledge weaknesses or problems in the arguments of those whose views and work I quote here who share my political outlook.

            Are you saying that Ben-Gurion, although in your eyes “an expeller of Arabs” would NEVER lie to get what he wanted politically?

            Every politician lies. It comes with the territory. Ben Gurion certainly would’ve had no problem lying for what he believed to be a good cause.

            Your claim that an Arab killed Arlosoroff and that he had an affair with Goebbels wife to be are either totally unsubstantiated or flat out mischaracterizations of the Wikipedia article. You seem to have forgotten to address those problems with yr prior claims.

            I demand that you prove the quotes from the book are lies.

            That’s not what I said. Maybe if you could accurately characterize what I said about the inadequacies of the book then I’d actually have more respect for you.

    1. I know personally a close family member of Leibowitz. I will check out what he actually believed regarding this subject, rather than what a right-wing blog commenter quoting a Revionist apologist, believed.

      Amnon Rubinstein was never a Meretz cabinet member. There was no Meretz when he was a cabinet member. He was liberal-left at one time but has long ceased being so. So I’m afraid quoting him on any particular subject as if he represents what the left should think is a waste of time. Claiming that railroading someone for murder is akin to “murdering” them or that believing the Revisionists were guilty is “evil” seems far fetched in the extreme. It may be unjust or even corrupt, but “murder?” C’mon.

      1. Yes, he was a member of MERETZ. Shinui joined MERETZ in the 1988 elections and then when Poraz took over he split off from them.

  5. The wikipedia article says the statute of limitations expired in 1971. 23 years strikes me as a rather odd number (a prime even 😉 – is this a mistake? What’s the statute of limitations for murder by non-Nazis of non-Prime Ministers?

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