4 thoughts on “Dore Gold’s Jerusalem Center: ‘Iranian ICBMs Could Rain Down on NYC!’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The world might be a safer place if Iran actually had a few nukes and the means to deliver them.

    Zionist fanatics would be much less eager to begin a war under these conditions.

    Can anyone doubt that Iran would permanently forswear nukes if Israel would agree to scrap or even just reduce its huge stockpile?

    Nuclear proliferation is inevitable as long as Israel refuses to scrap its huge stockpile IMHO.

  2. Given that the current nuclear “haves” aren’t going to give up their nuclear weapons anytime soon, every other country in the world should have the right to acquire at least one nuclear weapon in the name of self-defense.

  3. RE: “I’ve noticed a few visits to this site over the past few weeks from the Ministry in Israel…”

    MY COMMENT: Congratulations. It looks as though you’ve made the ‘big time’! (LOL)

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  4. “”Of course, the Iranians do not have an ICBM to carry such a warhead. Nor do they have a nuclear weapon. But these are mere technicalities “”

    yeah, the CIA and MOSSAD know very well WHO they sell their technology to. So Iran does not have this technology, probably because they do not want to buy it. BUYING IT MEANS WAR (because then they have the tech!!!).

    So the US need more stories = LIES to start a war with Iran. F T WAR!! it is time that you stop buying their lies for more wars. Research ANYTHING or ANYONE to find out that the US government is lying their asses off ALL the time. (WWI, WWII, VietNam war, Korean war, War for Oil etc etc.) Just find the stories, including stuff that were called hoaxes, and you will see gvt lies abundant. or JFK, MLK, MJ… science, tech, weapons, space, anything!

    BTW Isreal is killing Palestinians big time.

    In the name of peace, We, The People, have to stop the ones starting the wars with lies.

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