9 thoughts on “‘The Obama Nation’ Abomination – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. >In contrast to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama has not been >vetted, not even by Democrats. Even today he is largely >an unknown…

    This is complete and utter bullshit (not like the rest of it isn’t, but I digress)

    Perhaps, before this election cycle, Obama wasn’t well known outside of Illinois; he is certainly well known in this state. He has a long reputation as housing activist and then a State Senator. He was very high-profile in the Illinois General Assembly well known for working with both sides of the aisle.

    He also has been widely criticized by hard-left Illinois progresssives for being in with “Chicago Machine Politics” which is hadly “the extreme left”.

  2. The last BBC interview with refugees in Kenya was heartbreaking.
    O’Dinga [sic] spoke after the refugees. He is a liar. Accidentally a relative of Obama.
    The Kenyan genocide is an early stain on Obama’s record.

    By the way, a little truth on Abhasia [sic]:
    Will Obama overlook this mini-genocide too?

  3. @No To Obama: You’re ranting again, Steve. How would Obama have any responsibility for the Kenyan violence? And how would you propose that he single-handedly end the hostilities in Georgia?? What do you take him for? Superman?

  4. The Kenyan affair became a screaming stain on the Obama resume.
    He struck a cozy alliance with Odinga, and the mini genocide just happened accidentally following the Odinga defeat.
    Who would forgive Obama such a major error?
    Obama has failed to apologize to the relatives of the victims for his link to the Odinga clan.
    When Odinga will be tried in the Hague one day, Obama should be in the dock, as a willing accessory to the crime.
    See one of the emotional minireports:
    [URL removed per comment rules]

  5. @No To Obama: THis is such a bizarre comment I’ve decided to moderate all your future comments. I don’t publish bizarre conspiracy theories here just to humor my readers & commenters like you.

    But you sure do prove why Obama deserves support. With oddities like you around people can understand how truly nutty many of Obama’s enemies are.

    So thanks…

  6. Taking Mr. Obama at face value would be a mistake. There is a lot more than assumption at work when dealing with Mr. Obama’s choice of assocation. When many of his associates (Mr. Wright, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Odinga, and others) seem to have a record of abusing the power of their positions, it is NOT a conspiracy theory to suggest that Obama has a similiar mentality (birds of a feather). On the other hand, I am not convinced that Mr. Obama himself knows the catastrophe his policies would inflict upon this country.

  7. @someonedifferent: You’re not “someonedifferent” you’re just more of the same Obama smear trash talkers. Odinga is an Obama “associate??” Perhaps in Jerome Corsi’s sordid worldview he is. But not the rest of us.

    Luckily it appears Obama will become our next president while you will have to be content railing at him fr. the sidelines.

  8. Ok so Obama is associated with Odinga for supporting someone he thought was a ‘clan relative’, which turned into ‘cousin’. I’m sure you guys will know that George Bush’s Daddy dropped bombs on iraqi people. I’m sure he didn’t apologize on senior’s behalf. Not trying to be a left asshole of downplay the genocide. Just say Obama shouldnt be held responsible

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