5 thoughts on “Rush, Blowin’ Smoke – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Honest to God genuine Conservatives, such as Pat Buchanon, don’t favor wars which are not in the national interest. I no longer consider the thrice married Limbaugh, whom I strongly suspect is a closeted gay boy, a Conservative.

    A substantial portion of the American military officer corps, people whom we know are Conservative, actually opposed the disastorously stupid War in Iraq. While they were compeled to oppose it it a private fashion, many flag officers resigned rather than do Bush, Rumsfeld, et als dirty work. Examine the roots of Bill Kristol and David Horowitz and what do you find? Marxists??

  2. Some conservatives are honorable, Chuck, and you apparently know some of them, but talking about “genuine” conservatives vs. the other kind is ridiculous. Many conservatives and many liberals have been warmongers and there’s no point in either side denying it. There are obviously strains of thought on both the left and the right that can be used to “justify” stupid wars.

    You’re right about the intellectual history of some of the neocons–some were Marxists and apparently (since I don’t want to generalize about Marxists either) they were of that variety that thinks the end justifies the means.

    Whether Rush is gay or not is irrelevant. You’re just exposing your own prejudices there.

    Richard– Yeah, that NYT article was ridiculously unbalanced. They’d never in a million years carry a puff piece like that about some lefty polemicist such as, for instance, Michael Moore. If they did an article about Moore at least half of it would be about his distortions (both real and imaginary). That’s the funny thing about the NYT–it’s got a liberal reputation but they are much harsher on people to their left than they are to people on the right, at least when the right has enough power to make them afraid (which is the way it’s been for decades).

  3. I just happened to stumble upon your site while on the “strut your stuff” forum on the wordpress forums. I’m definately going to be subscribing to your blog, really interesting material. BTW, what exactly is a kapo? Is it the Jewish equivalent of black slaves that were known as House n-words?

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