4 thoughts on “Sheldon Adelson: ‘Crazy Jewish Billionaire’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. First of all Scharansky did a stretch in the gulag, and is deserving of respect, despite what you think. Second, guys like me have Adelson and Scharansky. Guys like you love Soros and Finkelstein. What’s the big deal?

  2. Adelson is nothing more than a three-card-monte con man – writ extraordinarily large.He’s made a life of taking other people’s money all the while creating absolutely no value in the world. The social ruin that his gambling empire has caused is not even estimable.I don’t want such a person who has no scruples about destroying families, communities and societies now escalating his meddling to destroy nations too. Especially when it involves nations that I care about like the US and Israel. Adelson has every right to run for office or involve himself with those who run for office and arrogate political power to himself in the manner that other arrogant billionaires have followed in the past. In a democracy the people have the right and obligation to impede the efforts of the arrogant destroyers and to rally behind those who know better.

  3. @Bill Pearlman: Natan Sharansky WAS deserving of respect when he did his time in the Gulag. He no longer deserves respect. He’s nothing but a authoritarian Jewish supremacist.

    You can have Adelson & Sharansky. Only I wish you’d go off & create yr own separate religion so I didn’t have to be associated w. it. Your wishes that Israel would kill Finkelstein & the hare-brained notions of Adelson bring all Jews into ill-repute.

    I don’t love Finkelstein. I don’t even always agree w. him. I respect him though.

  4. Of course Shelly’s interests do not coincide with that of the average Israeli. Simply put, peace is a non-starter for American Jews for whom an Israel at war is and has been the entre to corridors of power and influence, and have placed them at the the top of the american political ziggurat. I suggest, that there is a concerted effort by an American Jewish propaganda machine that is hell bent on depicting the State of Israel as one settler-loving, palestinian-hating, monolith. Given whats in the balance, this is understandable. An Israel that is at peace with it’s neighbors, an Israel that is reconciled to the reality of a two-state solution, an Israel that is committed to social justice for all of its citizens, an Israel not torn apart by social dysfunction, is simply not in the interests of American Jews, either from the left or the right side of the political spectrum. Without an Israel on a perpetual war-footing, without an Israel as a supplicant client state, without an Israel that is willing to subordinate its own interests to that of the United States, without the perception that it is necessary for American Jews to intercede with the American government on Israel’s behalf, (American Jews become a political non-entity (much as they were prior to June 1967), with the attendant loss of power and influence that would entail. In short, American Jewish support has nothing to do with Israel’s welfare, it has to do with its own.

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