5 thoughts on “Obama Campaign Hints AIPAC List May Have Been Used to Spread Obama Muslim Smear – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Could you please explain to me why you use the term “pro-Israel” as a harsh epithet, something like “fascist”, when you identify yourself as a “Zionist”?

  2. Bar_kochba132, I’ve been reading Tikun Olam long enough to know that one of its ‘themes’ is that the right wing does NOT hold a monopoly on what is and is not “pro-Israel”. Richard is skewering Martin Peretz’s bogus conception of “pro-Israel” and is not saying that “pro-Israel” is necessarily a “harsh epithet”.

  3. yeah, the seeming embrace of Obama by some pro-Israel zealots makes one wonder (do they know something us progressive/liberal universalists don’t?). It’s true that I don’t see Obama unabashedly bucking the Israel lobby, but I hold out hope that he can effect change in that special Obama way he has that does seem to overcome differences and opposition. My sense is that Peretz’s embrace of Obama over Hillary is a little bit of a ‘don’t throw me in the briar patch’ Machiavellian move. He sees this transcendent national momentum gathering behind Obama and probably wants to co-opt or neuter it through acceptance and praise–hoping that by defining Obama as “pro-Israel” (according to Peretz’s debased definition, of course) he can help establish that frame when people look at Obama. So I hanker there’s a bit of desperation and strategic calculation behind the praise of a candidate who has the much-dreaded-among-the-AIPAC-crowd Brzezinski as a foreign policy advisor. I still give Obama the benefit of the doubt, here.

  4. The little I know of Peretz is quite enough for me not to want to know more. It amazes me, the number of people who would willingly ply their alcoholic friend with a fifth of whiskey before he turns the ignition key and goes careening off to Lord knows where. Thus do they send Israel along a rocky road to more of the same. Even though I have little hope that Obama, should he become President, will seriously buck the prevailing American addiction, Jewish and otherwise, regarding Israel, the fact that he has made a few gestures indicating a modicum of independence from AIPAC and others who would give whiskey to their drunken friend about to drive is at least one of several reasons I am supporting his candidacy. And talk about more of the same, today’s Haaretz has a major article dealing with housing construction in East Jerusalem, which everyone from Jewsih right-wing nuts to Christian right-wing nuts knows belongs to the Jews a la God:

    “Housing Minister Ze’ev Boim denied Tuesday reports that the government is barring new housing construction for Jews in East Jerusalem, saying Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s order to freeze all construction that does not have his personal approval applies only to the West Bank.

    “On Monday, Jerusalem city manager Yair Ma’ayan told the Knesset Economics Committee that the government was holding up construction of hundreds of apartments in Jewish neighborhoods of East Jerusalem due to the negotiations with the Palestinians.

    “There is no delay, limitation, or suspension of the construction of Jewish neigbhorhoods in East Jerusalem,” Boim told Israel Radio.

    “Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupoliansky also weighed in on the issue Tuesday, saying he “won’t allow Jerusalem to be turned into an illegal outpost.”

    Et cetera!

  5. I did not use the term “pro-Israel” here in any way that was close to meaning “fascist.” Marty Peretz is interested in a presidential candidate he can call “pro-Israel.” He thinks Obama’s his man, though I’m hoping Peretz is sorely disappointed. I try to use the term “pro-Israel” along w. other terms like “militant” or “extremist” or “right-wing” to differentiate bet. someone (like myself) who considers him or herself pro-Israel & those whose views are radically diff.

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