5 thoughts on “Iran: Who’s Sorry Now? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. well, Richard, far be it for me to crimp your optimism, but my prediction is that this report will be news for 2 days and then forgotten, and will have as much effect as did the report of the Iraq Study Group.

    I lack your faith that facts make a difference. When the facts are inconvenient they can be denied or ignored.

    It didn’t take Israel long to respond to the report. According to the BBC, Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, ‘cast doubt on the report’s findings, saying that while Iran might have stopped its suspected weapons programme it had probably restarted it again.
    Reports of this kind were “made in an environment of high uncertainty”, he added.’



  2. As far as I can remember (at least since my high school years in Israel, over twenty years ago), Iran always seems to be somewhere between two and five years away from having a bomb. Always. And Iran having a bomb is always five seconds away from total annihilation. It’s like a strange mixture of The Boy Who Cried Wolf and Groundhog Day.

  3. Richard, I admire (and envy) your education at some of the best universities in the US and Israel. Thank you for helping us understand events here and abroad. I read a great deal but your blog adds so much between the lines that I cannot find elsewhere. This donation is more like a tuition payment for a course on the Middle East that I am privileged to take. Thank You for sharing

  4. What I find so interesting about this story is that it seems for once the “Integllegence Community” hasn’t rolled over and played dead in the face of Cheney & Co. I expect the NIE’s – like the last one on this subject to just churn out what Dick and his boys want them to say….

  5. Jeanne: You’re the best, what can I say?

    Dan: Yes, can you imagine the meeting Bush, Cheney, Rice & all the rest had a few wks ago where they hashed all this out. It must not have been pretty. A battle of the titans (not of intellect, but of wills). I’m guessing that Bush had to make a choice bet. Condi’s way & Cheney’s & he chose hers, though that may be too charitable to Condi.

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