4 thoughts on “With Callous Disregard for Life – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Dear Richard,

    I know you are a big fan of Avraham Burg, so I thought I would pass on this link from the New Yorker to you and your readers.

    I heard Burg speak a number of months after he had written his famous “Is Zionism Dead ” article in 2003.

    Hearing his speech, you would have never thought that he had written that article. He basically sung the praises of Israel. Ironically, Burg also antagonized many American Jews in the audience by telling them that the only way to live as a real Jew is to move to Israel.

    I guess he has a different opinion today.

    Here is a quote from p. 310-311 of “Defeating Hitler.”

    “I believe, truly I feel strongly, that there is not an insignificant chance that a future Israeli Parliament, and not in the distant future, will pass a law that will prohibit the marriage of Jews and Arabs, will prohibit sexual relations with Arabs, by administrative means will prevent Arabs from employing Jews as domestics, in order to prohibit any expression of Arab superiority over the Jewish people who rule the Jewish nation.”

    Watch yourself out there on those Seattle roads.

  2. I wish I could visualize what is happening here:

    “I drove up to a four way stop intersection in a *nice quiet Mt. Baker residential neighborhood and stopped the car*. {at the red light?] There was another car coming to my left which promptly drove, without stopping, through the stop sign going at least 30 mph. I promptly honked my horn to let them know they’d missed the sign. The car’s occupants began shouting like they were at a rock concert which revealed that they were two young women. As I turned in the same direction as they’d driven,”

    They come from behind and cross the red light at which you are waiting?

    Could you have made them nervous by following them.

    My problem is especially to get from the situation above to the “If’s” below:

    “I wondered how chastened she might’ve felt if she’d run that sign with my van right in the middle of the intersection and plowed right into me with my two child passengers.”

    I guess the above gives me the wrong picture?

  3. It was a 4 way intersection w. stop signs at ea. of the 4 corners. I pulled up first & stopped at my stop sign. The other car came barreling through the intersection not stopping for their stop sign.

  4. About a year ago or so – a child who attended the Jewish Day school that is run out of my temple’s building was killed in a similar accident. I don’t recall if the driver drove through a stop sign or a stop light – but the child was killed as a pedstrian by a vehicle… This type of driving can have serious consequences….

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