7 thoughts on “New York Times Features My Blog Pornographer-Impersonator Story – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, I’m sorry for your troubles with that rigid misguided little troll, but last week I see you in Salon and this week The New York Times. Is the London Guardian next, I hope? The important thing is that your message is getting out. Congratulations!

    When a message is substantiated and can be put forward honestly, it’s legitimacy helps to educate and inform. A position that needs to go the route that little guy is taking, is automatically rejected. I wonder why he doesn’t grasp that?

    Again, the good news is more people will hear you.

  2. Here’s hoping the dweeb gets his comeuppance. To help him along, ridicule the ass. Make fun of him. It’s war and he deserves whatever you can dish out. Before you can extend forgiveness to another, the other must ask for forgiveness. Untill he does, make him bleed.

  3. It is distressing that Richard Silverstein be targeted in such an underhanded and misleading manner. Obscenity, polemics, insults, ad hominem verbal attacks, are to be expected on the internet. However a misleading appropriation of another person’s online identity or persona, such as the dishonest portrayal of which Mr Silverstein has been the victim, not only harms him but harms the public.

    Certain subjects stir deeply held beliefs and emotions, making compromise and civil discussion very difficult. One such subject is Israel, and what American and Israeli policy should be, given the geopolitical instability in the Middle East, made much more perilous for all by the US invasion of Iraq and the war in Lebanon last summer.

    Calls for major change in Israeli and American policy come from within Israel and from within the US, including from many Jewish thinkers, pundits, common citizens, opposition groups, religious leaders, etc. Mr Silverstein’s “free speech” is expressed under his own true name. Obscene and pornographic insults made by someone appropriating his identity is not protected. Such statements may be made, but not under the guise of originating from him.

  4. Richard,

    Congrats for transforming your miserable experience with that evil man into a mention in a NY Times piece that might have a positive impact After two months online with Realistic Dove (www.realisticdove.org), I’ve already managed to delete a few abusive comments from right wing, pro-settler nuts, but I am steeling myself for the kinds of ardent trolls and other monsters you have encountered.

    It’s vitally important to create the rhetorical space necessary to discuss Israel, Palestinian and America’s Middle East policy with the same amount of candor that one can find in the Israeli media. I do want to add, though, that it is not only right-wing Jews and the conventional Israel lobby that have made it difficult to carve out that space. There are also people on the far left, especially on the blogosphere, who are abusive to anyone who defends any aspect of Israeli policy or who expresses support for the Israeli peace camp. There is a need to find a path thruogh the raindrops and reach out to people who shun both extremes…

  5. Yes there are Dan. In fact, I’ve just banned a hateful anti-Zionist from commenting here today. But to tell the truth, there are 20 right-wing ranters who abuse me for every anti-Zionist who gets out of line. I don’t know why that is & whether perhaps I’m having a diff. experience w. my commenters than you. But I have a much worse time of it with the hardline pro-Israel, pro-settler crowd.

    Thanks for your support as well & kind words about my predicament.

  6. Nice rant. I’m not sure I agree with everything because I talk a lot of shit on my site but that’s what freedom of speech is all about. Being able to talk shit. I’m not down with trying to ruin someone’s reputation though. That’s just lame. Being in porn or being labeled a pornographer isn’t all that bad you know.

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