1 thought on “Newsweek Reports Drunk Foley Tried to Enter Pages’ Dorm After Curfew – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This scandal must not degenerate to the lie that so many people knew about it no one is responsible, because someone definitely is responsible, While Denny Hastert can say he did nothing wrong, because he is not a pedophile who chases teenage pages; he misses the point that some adult should have done something to stop Mark Foley, and no one did until it was exposed in the media. It is this that is wrong, because he did not take his responsibility for the teenagers seriously enough to act in a manner consistent with the subject at hand.

    If it is proven that the reason the republican leadership was slow to act was for political reasons such as losing someone who just brought in $100,000 in fund raising money, and was a known million dollar producer over the years, or because of an obsession with power that would cause republican leaders to, at least, put the allegations on the back burner; they need to go.

    Last week habeus corpus was suspended, torture was permitted and the Geneva Convention was turned into a meaningless document. These were the serious, much more important scandals of last week, and the media only touched on it. I wonder why that is?

    Citizens rights were disrespected, an international agreement of great significance was utterly destroyed by a precedent that turned it into a worthless piece of paper. Only people who have no prospect of going to war would deliberately increase the probability of our soldiers being tortured. It is a national disgrace. It is an act of cowardice. It was a pitiful display of duplicitous garbage that no American with self-respect should tolerate.

    The story deserved to be all over the news 24/7 because of the criminal act of undermining international law and convention, as well as undermining the intent of the Constitution.

    If today’s Americans were similar to “the greatest generation” they would rightfully be outraged. If citizens do not pay attention to this despicable act, than citizens will no longer matter. What Americans allow government to do to others it will eventually do to us. One cannot dehumanize others without dehumanizing himself.

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