2 thoughts on “Seattle Federation Attack: Pam Waechter Funeral Today – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. From the Seattle Times

    “His (Haq’s) family expressed condolences to the Waechter family and the federation.”

    OK, Hakaras HaTov time (recognizing the positive) to you Richard for pointing this out. IMO, the larger media outlets didn’t air this story in proportion to its seriousness and while I harbor some suspicions why I also notice that those outlets which do air the story ( some blogs) are less likely to mention details such as the Haq family’s condolences so at least you’re doing the service of adding some nuance.

    I hope the condolences were sincere but in any case it’s a whole different perspective from those who completely neglected to report this.

  2. Thanks for ‘recognizing the good.’

    I wrote 4-5 posts about the shooting & most of my material (though not the opinions & judgments I expressed) came from our 2 local papers. So the info should’ve been available to the wider press.

    I view the purpose of blogs to fill in the nuance that the MSM misses & I hope I played some small role in that in this situation. I just wish the Jewish press would pay a little more attention to blogs esp. regarding Jewish-related issue like this. Instead, they pretty much ignore us.

    Finally, I hope to God that the prosecutor (a Republican hardliner) doesn’t decide to engage in blood vengeance against Haq for the sake of Pam Waechter. Asking for the death penalty would be a gross mistake. Haq deserves punishment & treatment, but not death by state murder. And as I said, two victims families have already come out against such an attitude. As far as I know, the Waechter family has made no statement about this.

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