3 thoughts on “ABC Abandons Gibson Holocaust Miniseries – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What a relief, imagine the irony and the probable insulting result this mini series would have become.

    As for Hollywood, of all the many starts of Jewish heritage, have you ever heard one say anything at all concerning their heritage? (Kirk Douglas as half senile exception)

  2. I think that the more important question than why is Aviv doing what he’s doing is why are we doing what we are doing? How can I commit to not going to see movies that feature Mel Gibson? How can I stop supporting his career? How can I make a statement against his dispicable anti-Semitism. The place to start tikkun olam is within ourselves.

  3. I wouldn’t credit studio executives w. having much spine regarding their heritage. But there have been many actors who do. Kirk Douglas is one shining example whom you pointed out. Spielberg is another. You aren’t going to see Mel Gibson starring in any Spielberg films in either of their lifetimes. You remember films like Gentleman’s Agreement & From Here to Eternity of course, which dealt with anti-Semitism.

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