1 thought on “Bush’s Lebanon Policy: “Stop Doing This Shit” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bush and his administration are incompetent as shown by their in actions! Where did diplomacy go? I wish I knew why more people are not outraged? Maybe same reason that people are not outraged enough to do anything about Darfur genocide, the crisis in Sudan. I think that societies in general are way too apathetic to others pain, misfortune and misery. It is so much easier to just look away and say that it is not happening to me and go on with your day. But the way I feel about it is that it is happening to me in a way. We are all one and connected and if many are in severe pain and terror it does affect myself. Once I see that others are in crisis it affects me. I must then act to do something or I cannot rest. I am not Jewish or Arab, I am Christian/Native American philosophy, but wrong doing impacts me to the point of action. What is confusing to me is how others that see the same sad story on TV will just forget about it and go on without any response at all? We as a world are in need of acting when others are in pain, not just looking the other way. Bush, well he and his crew just need to go away. He has no right to be in the position of authority that he is in. He has no talent or mind for where he is at. I am so ashamed of his inaction. In the US I know that we don’t get the real story of what is going on over in the Middle East. We get pieces and only the pieces they want to give us, that is not what a Democracy should be about. The pieces that I have seen are enough for me to judge that Israeli Officials are out of line and needs to cut it out. Stop the killing. Stop long enough so that the other side will stop defending itself and start talking about making things better for both sides. We are all one world.

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