3 thoughts on “AIPAC’s Hegemony Over Israel Policy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thanks for another post illuminating Israeli politics for readers — both in the homeland here in the States. Do you think there’s a chance that the Franklin case (and other, perhaps related scandals) could help de-fang AIPAC in some lasting way?

    I am truly excited about the Peretz revival of Israel’s Labor party, and to read that Likud is being marginalized. Here’s hoping the Republican far-right becomes a similarly rumped and fringed party, too — and soon!

  2. Yes, the scandals do tarnish AIPAC’s reputation. But I’m afraid that the damage may be temporary, lasting only as long as people’s memories of the scandal last. Then AIPAC resumes its gorilla-like hold on policy once again. But if we keep outrage in the public’s mind to the extent that we can it’ll at least create a record that can be referred to the next time something like this happens (& it WILL happen again no matter what AIPAC or anyone says–because that’s the nature of the beast they’ve created).

    I’m certainly w. you on wishing for extreme Republican marginalization. It will happen, just a question of how long it might take.

  3. i’m a technophobe….new to blogs, gentile whose love of the genius of the jewish intellect springs from the souls of bob dylan and noam chomsky(w/a nod to IB singer)
    of course AIPAC scandals will disappear if we let them. spying and treason dont rate much ink today. Franklin is just icebergian tip…[edited by blog author]
    yes… .i have been accused of being a conspiracy nut but w/so much smoke, i feel the fire coming. Dont dismiss Al Franken as just a funny guy….his new book, “Truth:w/jokes” has a truly ahead of the curve chapter on Delay and his M. Islands sex industry ties……..why was Black demoted as asst ag just when he was uncovering so much filth in Guam?
    thanks 4 letting me vent…….may this small rock hurtling through the cosmos find some sanity, species solidarity before its too late

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