1 thought on “Natan Sharansky: Bush Darling, Neo-Con Hero – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bush’s statement, “I felt like this book confirmed what I believe,”
    is eerie, because I predicted that Bush would say, “It’s a great book
    because it’s like he knows what I’m thinking!” Yet more evidence of
    Bush’s intellectual capacities. Remember, Bush said he doesn’t read
    newspapers because his aides tell him all he needs to know, thus
    avoiding “the filter” of the media.

    I would remind you of the story of the two antagonistic French
    intellectuals meeting on the street. One enthusiastically
    congratulates the other on his newspaper article on some burning
    question of the day. He explains that far from converting him, it
    served to confirm him more soundly in his previous stand, because
    in order to prove to himself that the article was “rubbish” he had
    to produce effective counter-arguments for every seemingly ridiculous
    point made. When the second intellectual unhappily pronounces his
    article to be a failure, the first corrects him, “But my dear fellow,
    of course your article was a success–it forced me to think!”

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