2 thoughts on “Ramadan Haters and Other Anti-Semites – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: Ramadan Haters and Other Anti-Semites


    Just warning you, I’m an atheist, but also an animal lover and vegan. My response ia to your posting “Ramadan Haters and Other Anti-Semites”, which I somehow came across by “googling” President Bush’s Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling.

    You are intelligent. It was enjoyable reading your posting. Thank you for standing up to idiotic anti-semites.

    However, I mean the following off-the-cuff reaction to your posting in the most sincere way: please stop deluding yourself about your own “religion”. It’s all a bunch of bull – like all religions. Your desire for world peace and your understanding and sympathy toward unnecessary suffering, which you’ve addressed in your posting, is much more valuable than your devotion to your religion. You are a wonderful being who obviously understands some of the world’s inherent problems and wants better for their children. Please discard your lame-ass, unsupportable religion, and instead, devote your power (and your position in the Google search engine) toward improving the world, and not in arguing for your religion, which will hurdle more of the world further into the ensuing dark age. Muslims have the same problem. Anti-semites have the same problem. You are on to something, in that people should not hate other people. But people should also not “buy into” religions that have no concrete evidence to support them.

    Judging from your picture, you’re too old to change. But seriously, abandon your stupid lame ass religion. So much useful energy and intelligence, and you’ve directed it towards supporting a religion just as stupid as the last.

    I am vegan and despise my racism whenever it surfaces and despise my dismissal of good, honest, compassionate people who are trying to make the world better for thier children by the power of 100 who actually care about clearing the way for their children and grandchildren to have an easier life when they live theirs. But please – STOP PERPETUATING BELIEFS WITHOUT EVIDENCE = RELGION = JUDAISM = ALL OTHER RELGION.

    Please feel free to email me at donald.steffy@stanfordalumni.org org or don@ofoto.com.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my response.


  2. D Steffy: Thank you for the positive things you said about me and my values.

    But as to the negative…your e mail address is hosted by Stanford alumni which indicates you had a first-class education. I’m sorry that education didn’t teach you a little more tolerance and a lot less know-it-allness.

    Did it ever occur to you that my commitments to peace, love & justice may come directly fr. my religious tradition? Did it ever occur to you that w/o such a tradition I might’ve turned into a much diff. person? Maybe not as good as the one I am, maybe far worse than that. I can no more divorce my moral or political values fr. my religion than I can separate my body from the atmosphere through which it moves.

    I have no problem with you believing in no God or religion. Why do you insist on such mean-spirited intemperateness toward my own beliefs when I have done you no ill?

    I…despise my racism whenever it surfaces and despise my dismissal of good, honest, compassionate people who are trying to make the world better for thier children by the power of 100

    If you despise yourself for hating my beliefs despite my good values, then perhaps you ought to examine those harsh feelings lurking inside you. For someone who does not believe in harming animals, it’s curious that you don’t see some of yr fellow believing human beings in the same way.

    Another facet of Judaism you do not understand is that there are all sorts of gradations of practice & belief among Jews. Some are atheist but uphold secular Jewish traditions. Some are devout Orthodox. And some of us are somewhere in between. I tend toward a more secular view of my religion but have great empathy for Jewish spirituality.

    Your vitriolic diatribe did nothing to convince me of the error of my ways.

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