3 thoughts on “Washington Governor’s Race: It’s Dino, No It’s Christine! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. During a particularly cutthroat game of Uno last night, my wife only-semi-facetiously suggested that the election be settled by a card game.

    Right now, it seems as valid as any other way of deciding which of them won…

  2. I definetly agree that Gregoire ran a shoddy campaign. Come to find out she hired people from California to run her campaign. But she did win and we can get behind her. The Rebulicans have began to call fraud and are on a fishing trip to find “evidence.” I don’t believe they will find it because it was never in the Democrats best interest to take the election by fraud. (I really don’t think they would in Wa. State) The polls had Gregoire up by ten points a month out and we (Democrats) thought she had it in the bag. I do believe it was in the best interests of the Republicans to perpetrate fraud and have always wondered if they were the ones who misplaced the approximately late ballots that came out in the last recount. The Republicans are way off base to contest this election. I have followed it closely and checked out the rules. According to the rules the three counts were all done according to Washington State law. mmc01

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