2 thoughts on “Hanukah 2004 – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. What a pathetic hippocrit. You write this grandfatherly rubbish about Hannukah in one moment and in the next you are calling people names, ranting about the government, and world peace.

    Do the net a favor. Shut up. You are too old to be mired in this silly “intellectual” masturbation.

  2. “Grandfatherly rubbish?” I think you’ve insulted grandfathers everywhere. Actually, I’m a father of newborns & not a grandfather, but I look forward to being one.

    I’m so tickled by abusive commenters like “Julia Smith.” I doubt it’s her real name since her email domain name doesn’t exist. And yo, Julia, you seem to think a “hippocrit” is an animal from the African subcontinent. Try “hypocrite.” And learning to spell will vastly increase your credibility as a powerful master of invective!

    I don’t delete crap like this because I think exposing it to the light of day shows these people for what they really are…I’ll let you fill in the final word.

    Afraid I won’t be shutting up anytime soon, my dear Julia. I’ve done you one better by shutting you up for good on this site.

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