7 thoughts on “Restoration Weekend: Give Me a Home Where the Far Right Roams – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Who could the mysterious “Passing Through” be? Don’t you just love it when folks hide their identity with a nickname? What are they afraid of?

    I’m so pleased when I get a rise out of David Horowitz’s friends (“just plain nasty & smearing…”). BTW, twit, you don’t seem to realize that this post was satire and as such not a ‘factual’ piece. Though all the details about the weekend are certainly factual since they were lifted directly from the restoration weekend website.

  2. Ugh, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter and Tammy Bruce? All in one room? How thouroughly sickening. I can hear their perimenopausal yawls as I am writing this…

  3. Now, now right hater-baiter. Not nice to use ad hominem attacks. I surely hate them as much as you. But menopause has nothing to do with it. Besides, all women, left AND right, are menopausal or will be one day. BTW, what’s “perimenopausal?” Did you mean “premenopausal?”

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