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  1. I live down in Portland, and next week a friend of mine who has everything (including an office in Seattle), is getting married. What to get the couple that has everything? How about a Gift Certificate to Salumi’s so they can enjoy a nice lunch on me when there up at the Seattle office. Can you please tell how I can get one for your restaurant, AND FAST!?!

  2. Paul: Sorry to be snippy, but didn’t you read the beginning of the post?? The address & phone # are listed right there. Give ’em a call. I’m sure they’ll try to help you. Also, you might consider suggesting that your friends who have everything should have a wedding dinner party there (though you do have to plan these things months in advance w. Salumi). Armandino’s special dinners are legendary & I’m dying to go to one someday!

  3. Wow. I’m very impressed with all the research and background info you provided in your post. Very cool. Salumi is one of my favorite places of all-time. I really want to try the meatball sub now! I always get the porchetta sandwich, which is greasy and INCREDIBLE.

    I’m not sure if you’ve already figured this out, but you need to get on the list in order to attend a dinner. However, I called Gina a few months ago and she said they were booked solid for TWO YEARS, and weren’t taking any new names. Bummer! But I’ve also heard that if you’re a regular and get to know the staff you can still sometimes get on the list.

    A very cool thing that they are now doing is coursed lunches, similar (but probably less in scope) to the dinners. You have to find enough people (I think 6-8) and pay something like $25-$35 each (? don’t know for sure), but they’ll set you up with a fantastic coursed lunch (plan at least 2-3 hours). I haven’t been yet, but I’m planning to go soon! Last time I called about this, these lunch reservations were open and quite easy to get.

    Hmmm. All this talk is making me hungry. I think I’m going to head down there today for lunch and some guanciale!

  4. Thanks, Meg for all that info about Salumi. I knew about the dinners but not the lunches. I haven’t gotten over to Salumi for many months because I now have twin 8 month olds & a 4 yr. old. Hard to get out & about as much. I do so miss it & do so envy your ability to head on down there for lunch at the spur of the moment!

    Love that meatball sub too! Can you order me one while you’re there for lunch? Just kiddin’.

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