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U.S. Built Replica of Iranian Underground Nuclear Facility, Destroyed It With New Bunker Buster

gbu 57b bunker busterAlex Fishman, Yediot’s security correspondent, reports that the Pentagon spent millions of dollars to build an exact replica of an Iranian underground nuclear facility in the U.S.  I presume we’re talking about the Fordo complex.  It then armed a B-2 bomber with a new type of bunker buster bomb, which was used to great success in entirely destroying the facility.  The goal of the field exercise was to prove to U.S. allies (read, “Israel”) that our military had sufficient weaponry and delivery capability to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat if and when we decided that this was necessary.  In other words, the mission was to remove any possibility that Bibi Netanyahu could argue that Israel had to do the job itself because the U.S. either couldn’t or wouldn’t.

Fishman describes in great detail the provisions for the test, indicating he had a very knowledgeable source.  I’m guessing it was either Dan Shapiro or perhaps the U.S. military attaché.  There is also a chance his sources were within the Israeli military: specifically those opposed to a unilateral Israeli strike.  That might explain why, in his article he never mentions the test was meant to convince Israeli officials.  He uses the oblique term, “friendly states” to describe Israel.  This might indicate he was skirting the military censor.

Fishman U.S. underground nuke testFishman reports the Pentagon test involved the most advanced version of bunker buster bomb, first developed in July 2012.  It’s named the GBU 57B and is so heavy it can only be delivered by a B-2 bomber.  The bomb succeeded in penetrating not only the dirt and rock protective barriers, but the concrete roof of the underground facility.  What remained was an entirely obliterated complex.

Though the U.S. was loath to use one of the special new weapons because of its extremely high $3.5-million cost (the overall cost of developing the new weapon was $500-million).  The military determined that it would be money well spent if it could persuade Israel to restrain itself from an attack.  The size of the munition was six times greater than any other known bunker buster.  It weighs 13 tons and has a speed of penetration two times greater than the speed of sound at a rate of accuracy of five meters.

American officials meeting with their Israeli counterparts have assured them that looming cuts in the defense budget will not effect this program, which is one of the president’s top priorities.

As with almost everything regarding Iran, Israel and the U.S., much is play-acting and posturing.  This announcement too is part of the game.  Obama understands the absolute mess an Israeli attack would cause.  He can see how unstable the region is with Syria currently in shambles.  The last thing he needs is yet another match lit under this tinderbox.  So he tells his generals to prepare a grand field demonstration of American might that will persuade the IDF, and more importantly the war-party within the current government, that it doesn’t need to attack, since we can do the job quite nicely, thank you.

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  • Fred Mrozek June 6, 2013, 10:50 PM

    If Iran stole nuclear material and technology from the USA, if it attacked the USA with instances of false-flag terrorism, if it spied on the USA and sold what it gathered to enemies of the USA, would the USA like Iran and give it unknown Billions of dollars per year? What do the Iranians have to do to be loved by the USA? Should they begin a round of ethnic-cleansing against the Palestinians? Do they have to own a pile of US media companies, the US Congress, or the executive branch perhaps? What if they helped kill lots of innocent people in dirty wars in central America? Would we Americans love Iran then? Just what is it that so endears the USA to a racist, parasite state ?

  • Sol Salbe June 6, 2013, 11:03 PM

    Wars are fought by two sides. And what if the Iranian have something up their sleeve? One such possibility is superior Iranian concrete technology that makes stronger and more pliable concrete. Allow me to remain sceptical. But I hope it has deterred Israel.

    • Carl Jones June 7, 2013, 7:43 AM

      The Iranians do claim to have this advanced concrete which is much stronger than what usually used in hardened facilities. The real ace up the Iranians sleeve is that they have at least two nukes from the USSR breakup and the NWO shills know this!! Remember, Iran denies that it is trying to make the bomb…because they acquired them from outside Iran. I have no doubt that Iran is putting itself into the position that they can put a bomb together at short notice. This is the same position that Japan hold…all the bits are in boxes.

  • lifelong June 6, 2013, 11:25 PM

    Nice… Thought the IAEA’s job was to enforce non-proliferation, not provide hostile governments with blueprints of nuclear plants so they can practice blowing up ‘exact replicas’.

    One more reason to add to a long list of why Iran should kick out the IAEA until Amano is replaced.

  • Carl Jones June 7, 2013, 4:05 AM

    Thisis pure propaganda, If they actually destroyed this test facility, they did it with a micro nuke. Micro nukes are smaller and therefore much easier to shield on route to target.

    One wonders if they put some some sort of radiation source in the test facility to see how far the radiation would spread….of course, I very much doubt the US would care about that aspect of the attack.

    Exotic nukes (micro nukes) have been extensively used since the US East African embassy bombings.

  • The Mighty Cynic June 7, 2013, 7:50 AM

    Any lunatic can pick up a knife and kill a human twice their size. The mark of rational, intelligence and morality is understanding both the reasons not to do it and the consequences thereof. Outside of this, the actor is insane, irrational, and requires firm mitigation, preferably placed between the eyes — double tap.

  • NyeepNyeep June 7, 2013, 10:30 AM

    So will a S-300 be effective against a B2 aircraft?

    • Carl Jones June 8, 2013, 3:20 AM

      Depends, B2`s are not totally invisible and I doubt the West knows everything about the S-300. There are lots of variants including the S-400. I am sure the Russian have an add on for the B2`s.

      Any initial B2 attack is not the problem. Its what happens after the attack. Iran has two nukes from the Soviet era and as I understand it, Iran`s policy is to deploy these nukes before their military systems become degraded. Iran has the missiles and GPS, so they can hit Dimona…in fact, they don`t need to use nukes. Just a few direct hits with conventional weapons will ruin Israel.

      Funny (maybe not) that we have a very small state that is so well armed, that it has in effect become its own fixed suicide bomber and its Itan that hold the trigger. Its like some military base under attack and the commander has ordered all his men to fight from the ammunition store???!!!!

      I really wouldn`t be surprised if Russia took Israel out as a clear and present threat to itself.

  • The logic is illogical June 7, 2013, 7:46 PM

    I don’t follow the logic of this article, which appears to be this: the USA had to demonstrate that their Whopping Big Mofo Bunker Buster can penetrate Iran’s underground facilities because otherwise if the Israelis think that the USAF can’t do then job then they’ll have to do it instead.


    If America’s Whopping Big Mofo Bunker Buster can’t penetrate that bunker then the IDF’s own puissant little firecrackers certainly aren’t going to be able to do it.

    Think about it…. think about it…. strap one of those MOPs under an Israeli F-15 and the damn plane’s wheels won’t even be able to touch the ground; the plane certainly won’t be able to move, let along get airborne.

    But even the biggest bomb that can be toted by an F-15 isn’t going to scratch a facility that can resist the MOP.

    Soooo, if the USA’s aim was to convince Israel not to attack Fordow then wouldn’t it have been a better outcome to have been that the MOP bounced off that replica?

    After all, such a result could only convince Netanyahu of the pointlessness of attacking Fordow with the IDF’s pipsqueaks; it certainly wouldn’t encourage him to throw caution to the wind and his firecrackers at Fordow.

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