5 thoughts on “U.S. Exposes Location, Layout of Top-Secret Israeli Arrow 3 Missile Base – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Dealing with these kinds of news re such grave subject matter, one has to remember that very few – if any – who handle it, can tell for sure whether it’s genuine information or elaborate disinformation.

  2. …. a mobile anti-missile defense system with 3 vehicles in all schematics now supposedly being buried where everyone knows to find it. Some comedy for the laymen. This bunker has nothing to do with Arrow III.

    1. This is a leak by the real whitehats in the US to show that Israel is building what is more or less a fuhrer bunker, also with the capacity to store massive amounts of chemical and nuclear armaments. Inevitably ensuing this leak were the actions of Sayanim assets attempting to deflect and cover up the obvious nature of the bunker. Arrow III my arse. 🙂

  3. No matter what your agenda is, the current way to get there is peace. How much more strategically obvious can it get? Kill ’em with kindness you yokels! Better products on the market — first country to flying cars wins.

  4. This type of info always confuses me. Maybe you can clarify. Isn’t it illegal according to US law to engage in arms trade with states in breach of international humanitarian law? Israel is certainly in breach of IHL in the West Bank and Gaza. Isn’t some or all of the US military relationship with Israel illegal both according to US law and international humanitarian law? Sorry for such a basic question here, but I’m sure your response will be enlightening.

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