7 thoughts on “Netanyahu: Gaza as Middle Eastern Singapore – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s odd that the assasination of the UN Mediator occurred only five short months before the general amnesty of the perpetrators took effect. Has there ever been an Israeli PM who wasn’t a member of an underground terror group or a state sponsor of terror? Of course not.

  2. Gaza “Plan”. In a nutshell, Israelis are saying that they reserve the right to kill as many “terrorists” as they wish,; they will continue this “WAR!” as long as there are any people left alive, who can be identified as “TRRRSTS”…they will continue to occupy Gaza until there is no Palestinian left or, until they are all brainwashed into have the opinions of a cabbage.
    Further, Israelis will control all the food and resources (destroy UNWRA) so they may strangle any area or groups within Gaza; control of food and necessities. Reconstruction will happen only by Israeli permission and will be done using Israel to do it…post war profits to go to Israelis.
    Israelis will establish a Judenrat that will govern and control…people to blame when things go awry. Nobody will have a say in how a “Final” Agreement” is made; Israelis will “negotiate directly with Palestinians (at the point of a gun) in such a way that Israelis get everything, and Palestinians get nothing.

    What’s there to complain about? I am sure the servile US and Europe will agree!

    As for getting Arab states to agree and support; All their heads of state depend upon the US to stay in power and since the since does what Israel wants, the Arab states WILL cooperate regardless of what their people wish..

  3. I don’t know what people expect of Biden, his whole persona has been smoke and mirrors also. He wins if he loses the elections. By doing so he passes the genocide torch. The bare minimum he is doing now is enough to make people think he is not trying to lose an election on purpose. Losing the elections for Biden is a win for the genocide. Dems’ leadership will virtue signal and lament tied hands until they win again. Reps will obviously be worse during this period, but they are used to playing the good cop/bad cop thing, passing batons evenly, enabling genocide and making a show for the people. This won’t work if both parties are playing the role of bad cops though. Biden wins by losing the elections and this won’t change until some serious change happens.

  4. Palestinians don’t want a Singapore. Palestinians want their homes, property, villages, and country back.

  5. Yet some Kahanists still fail to appreciate his efforts on behalf of Israel and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian land. Opinion “hit piece” by Mark Levin: “Blinken’s diabolical plan” at Heritage Florida Jewish News.

  6. Republicans served as Fig Leaf for IDF atrocities

    Israel Defense Forces says more than 140 terrorists killed since operation in Al-Shifa Hospital began, including more than 50 over past day ■ Pentagon chief urges Israel to reconsider Rafah ground op, seek alternative options ■ Netanyahu tells Senate Republicans that even if Israel would have to go into Rafah without U.S. support, ’We won’t stop’ ■ Blinken meets Saudi FM, discuss ’urgent need to protect all civilians in Gaza’ [Haaretz]

    Will the IDF destroy Al-Shifa Hospital?

    Bibi got Joe in a chokehold … never change a winning game policy over many decades. Too many coincidences between 9/11 and 10/7 … surprise attack and intelligence “failure”.

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