19 thoughts on “Israel’s ‘Total War’ Strategy in Gaza – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hamas was not so much loved by Gazans and other Palestinians as it was respected because it resisted enmeshment in Zionist colonial system.

    In addressing ongoing war crimes, it is probably worthwhile to delve more into the past before Oct. 7.

    Zionism has always been an ideology of genocide, and the US federal criminal code defines genocide to be a form of terrorism. The State of Israel is much more terrorist that Hamas ever has been.

    The early Zionist leader Vladimir Dubnow, wrote in October 1882: “The ultimate goal … is, in time, to take over the Land of Israel and to restore to the Jews the political independence they have been deprived of for these two thousand years.… The Jews will yet arise and, arms in hand (if need be), declare that they are the masters of their ancient homeland.”

    This goal is predicated on the physical destruction of the Palestinian group in whole or in part in the territory of Palestine because Palestinians would resist as Jabotinsky later openly wrote. In succeeding decades the Zionist movement became more explicit and aggressive in this goal of genocide and is now putting the complete genocide into operation in Gaza. The West Bank is next, and pressure has long been put on Israeli Palestinians to emigrate.

    1. @ Jonathan: You’re abusing the comment threads. You may only publish ONE comment in any thread. More than one and I’ll moderate you. Your comments meander on forever into tangents that detract rather than add.

  2. Greetings from Israel,

    The French colonialists quit Vietnam and returned to France.
    The United States imperialists quit Vietnam and returned to the United States.

    Israelis are neither colonialists, nor imperialists.
    The State of Israel is the Jew’s homeland and there’s no other place for them to return to.

    ‘ Not all Vietnamese loved the Vietcong’.

    The Vietcong were Communist fanatics. So was Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

    How about letting Israel destroy Hamas same as Al Qaida and ISIS have been destroyed.
    How about letting the Palestinian people vote and elect their own government, one without Hamas and PIJ, same as the German people turned democrats once Germany had been de-Nazified.

    1. State of Israel is the Jew’s homeland

      Caesar’s coin has two sides. Biblical right, the Covenant and Torah teaching does not make International law or condone mass violations of human rights.

      UNSC Resolution 181: The Special Committee appointed by the General Assembly recommended the establishment of two separate states, a Jewish State and an Arab State, to be joined by economic union, with the Jerusalem-Bethlehem region as an enclave under international administration.

      Best option all along … abide by UN Charter and strife for peace with one’s neighbours. The Arab Peace Initiative of 2002 is still on the table. Blinken is on his journey to Jordan.

      Israel at 67: The Future of the Jewish State | by Rabbi Y.Y. Jacobson — April 24, 2015 | 5 Iyar 5775

      “We Cannot Afford to Lose Our Soul Now.”

      The image says it all …

    2. [Sorry for the extra comment, but this homeland crap deserves scorn whenever it appears.]

      Do Christians have a homeland? Do Muslims have a homeland?

      There was no Roman Expulsion. The maniac Bar Kochba and his lackey Tannaim completely discredited Judaism for the peasantry because Bar Kochba persecuted the peasantry and the Tannaim supported him. The Judean peasantry rapidly converted to Christianity.

      The Roman Expulsion is a metaphor for the transformation of Judaism from the religion of Judea into a religion that only descendants of non-Judean converts to Judaism practice. Jews are often preferentially called Hebrews in many languages because Hebrew is used in the Pentateuch to indicate that the Patriarchs are not from Canaan (or Palestine) but come from over there (Mesopotamia).

      Actual or fairy tale ancestry from a population of 2000 years ago is not a cognizable defense to an accusation of genocide.

      1. @Jonathan

        “Do Christians have a homeland?”

        No they do not, because Christianity and Islam are religions, not nationalities.
        Do Frenchmen have a State? Yes. To the Irish have a State? Yes. ‘
        So why shouldn’t the Jews have a State?

        Roman expulsion or not, Jews were persecuted in Palestine by Roman Byzantine Christians and later, overwhelmed by Muslims who invaded the Holyland (and threw out the Byzantines).
        A hundred years later, the remnants of the Jewish population in Palestine were slaughtered by Crusaders until almost no Jews remained in their homeland.

        Despite their violent removal from the region, messianic Jews and religious Zionist Jews (distinct from political Zionists), would continue trying to return to Eretz Yisroel once the Crusades had ended. These efforts were capped off when political Zionists began to emigrate to Eretz Yisroel in the 1880s, and by then, religious Zionist Jews were the majority population in Jerusalem.

        Have a nice day.

        1. So much historical nonsense — none of which constitutes a cognizable defense to an accusation of genocide.

          Eastern European Ashkenazim reinterpreted their ethnic group into the pan-Judaic ethnonational group in order to make a racial supremacist argument that asserts the historical and national rights of this fabricated pan-Judaic ethnonational group are superior to the human and property rights of Palestinians, whose ancestors actually were Greco-Roman Judeans.

        2. @ Yellow: Jews are a religion, not a state. Israel is a state, not a religion. Israel is more than Jews.

          the remnants of the Jewish population in Palestine were slaughtered by Crusaders until almost no Jews remained in their homeland.

          NOnsense. I didn’t know you were such a scholar of the Crusades and Middle Ages. There was never a period when there were “almost no Jews” in Palestine.

          Despite their violent removal from the region

          Nope again. Jews weren’t “removed” violently or otherwise. Your attempt to construct a Zionist history in which Jews were practically non existent until the Zionists came along isn’t even a persuasive attempt, let alone a “nice try.”

          This is the 2nd time you’ve used the term “messianic Jews.” It makes my skin crawl. Don’t use it again or you will no longer be welcome here.

      2. Not doubting this, but can you provide sources ?

        Also, what happened to the pre-Israelite population, and knowing that there were pre-Hebrew groups in the region, how come there is not only one layer of Palestines history presented, but only one group of the modern inhabitants are allowed to claim it – shouldn’t the ancient past be for all ?

    3. Minuteman.. so far Israel has not made a safe and secure home for Jews if that is all that matters. Israel is losing Jews and also the sympathies of many worldwide . You’ve tolerated the wrong leaders and swallowed their line including their hate mongering for political expediency. The dependence on and use of the military alone has worked perversely because there is no peace process- only blame. So where is the smarts in this cycle promoting response? I mean in terms of security and survival of Jews if that all you care about? Israelis collectively should know by now it will cost until you find a way to work this out equitably. But think Israel wants the whole enchilada and is willing to pay the price.. or your leaders are.

    4. @ Minute Man: Israelis are indeed colonists. The vast majority post 1880 came from Europe with the intent of settling a land that already had an indigenous nation living in it.

      The State of Israel is the Jew’s homeland and there’s no other place for them to return to.

      No it isn’t. Israel is a state just like any other. A state of Jews and non Jews. To the extent it is a state of by and for Jews it is a racist apartheid state ruled by militarism and implacable hatred of much of the Muslim and Arab world. Israel is not my homeland and as a proud Diaspora Jew, I want no place in it. Nor do I permit you or any Israel to subsume me under any banner of yours.

      he Vietcong were Communist fanatics

      I cna’t tell if you’re just ignorant of history or willfully make a mess of it. The Vietcong were not “fanatics.” They were the army of a people driving western colonial powers out of their homeland. As for using “Communist” as a pejorative, that’s so 1950s.

      How about letting Israel destroy Hamas same as Al Qaida and ISIS have been destroyed.

      That statement does it for me. You now moved from full comment privileges to moderation.

      How about letting the Palestinian people vote and elect their own government, one without Hamas

      Well sure. Let’s have Israel is 1948 vote without Avodah or Mapam or Herut. That would certainly represent the will of the people, wouldn’t it? And since when does an Israeli Jew makes suggestions how Palestinians should govern themselves.

  3. Quote lifted today : Abraham [says] in Genesis 18: “If there be fifty righteous men within the city, wilt thou also destroy and not spare the place?”

    I hope Jews everywhere who do not agree with this ongoing program and will need to keep themselves organized and clearly in opposition. Advice today via Haaretz to Jews coming from the Israel Foreign Ministry that cautions about identifying as a Jew in public:https://www.haaretz.com/jewish/2023-11-03/ty-article/as-antisemitism-rises-israel-tells-citizens-abroad-to-downplay-jewish-or-israeli-identity/0000018b-95c4-d8a6-a38b-dfd7bc6c0000?
    Anti-Semitism rise we see now is obviously about the war on Gaza.

    Didn’t the Russians flatten Grozny? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Grozny_(1999–2000). They are in process in Ukraine, now with Chechan help. Total war is a Russian strategy.

  4. If it’s any consolation, I think Israel is running out of moral credit real fast.

    She’s just gonna have to stop killing any day now. She’s already writing her own suicide note.

    The Palestinians in Gaza aren’t going anywhere — except, Inshallah, back to Palestine someday. Next year in Jerusalem. As they say.

  5. Did you see the attempts by protestors to break into Netanyahu’s residence last night? They got through two barriers. His security is terrible. Not a good sign for him, especially with all those “leaks” suggesting his days are numbered.

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