2 thoughts on “Israel-Morocco Quid Pro Quo: Joining Abraham Accords in Return for Israeli Arms, Spyware and EU Lobbying – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Spain participated in a deal with Brussels and Morocco pressured by migrant deaths at border enclave of Melilla …

    Spain depends heavily on gas-rich Algeria for energy who readily cut the gas transport on the Morocco deal … now sending gas through Tunisia and Italy for EU customers.

    The EU realized under present circumstances, working with dictators can be beneficial and decisions not hindered by democratic institutions. Making visits to oil & gas producing nations from Qatar, UAE to Azerbaijan. Conflict zones with Iran, so we’ll team up with Blinken’s aggression towards the Islamic Republic.

    For the asylum and refugee solution due to the neocon war campaigns of regime change in MENA countries; VDL, Meloni and Rutte represented the worst of populism in Europe to meet with Tunisian dictator and make an anti-migration deal. Berlusconi and the EU had a deal in place in 2008-09 before John Bolton’s hard day’s work. End of 2010, even Bibi and Assad had a “peace” deal and Golan Heights settlement. Later we got Trump Heights and Genie energy to start exploration of winner’s spoils.

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