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    1. Ukraine is the largest state in Europe

      Largest in territory perhaps. Not in GDP or economic power.

      This is hardly relevant since it’s quite likely that the high tech, security & related products Israel might offer Ukraine on a duty free basis would be far more desirable to that country than any export Ukraine could offer Israel.

      1. [comment deleted for violating comment rules–next time I tell you you’re done in a comment thread, you’re done. And if you decide you’re not, you will face consequences. Now you are moderated.]

        1. If you read carefully, you’ll notice that it’s Ukraine who’s urging and pushing for the FTA. While Lieberman is just hoping that “significant breakthrough will be done this year”. So Ukraine definitely has urgent interest in the FTA.

        2. You never told me i am done on this current comment thread.
          You did tell me that on this comment thread https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2011/03/17/ukrainian-prime-ministers-lies-claiming-ukraine-has-no-idea-what-happened-to-kidnapped-palestinian-abu-seesi/

          i do not believe i violated any of your comment rules, i believe that you applying moderation status on me was an error, and has to do with what you think my opinions are.

          If you have any integrity you will reinstate my regular status, the proof is in the pudding.

          1. Whatever the thread was, I’m done arguing with you over the Ukraine-Israel Free Trade Agreement & who it would benefit most. Do not return to this subject.

            I will remove you from moderation.

          2. Mr. Siverstein
            as you know, i am a new commenter on your blog. i Read your comment rules carefully prior to commenting.
            after stating my opinion that you are wrong in your assumption (which was done in a very polite and respectful way) you demanded that i will comment no further on the subject (Mossad activities in foreign countries, and the the benefits of Ukraine-Israel Free Trade Agreement) since it seems that your rules are kind of fluid, i would like to get further clarification, under which circumstances can i express my opinion on your blog ? do i need to be in agreement with you to comment ? don’t you wish to encourage a discussion ?
            thank you.

          3. You may comment all you wish on any subject but the relative economic benefits to Israel or Ukraine of a FTA. That is the only subject closed to you (& not just you, any other commenter as well). You may comment on any other aspect of the FTA or Mossad activities in foreign countries. Indeed I do the latter regularly myself.

            And cut the snark about not understanding what the other rules are as they apply to you. One of the subjects which makes me absolutely go to sleep is people who complain about how I administer the comment threads. Say what you have to say on substantive issues & leave the editing of this blog & comment threads to me.

            Another clue to behavior I don’t like is people who are determined to nitpick over small issues & then repeat themselves ad nauseam about said item. The FTA & who will derive most benefit from it is a snooze issue & beating it over the head like a dead horse is even more of a snooze. If you express yr opinion once on a subject & I reply, a good rule of thumb is to make one further reply & then be done. Anyone who repeats the same thing (or repeats the argument of another commenter) more than once is hitting the snooze button as far as comment discussion goes.

  1. The liberal elites told us that Lieberman would be a disaster for Israel, but so far he has been extremely competent and valuable in his position. Israel’s relationship with Russia and Eastern Europe are critical, especially given the hostile administration in Washington.

    1. No, not a disaster at all. What universe are you living in? It must be an alternate one because Lieberman has been, is & will be a disaster. Has he met with any high level European or U.S. officials? Perhaps the odd European, but you won’t see him with Hillary or Barack & you won’t see him palling around with any of the leaders of any European nations.

      Israel’s relationships with Russia & Eastern Europe aren’t nearly as critical as relations with the U.S. & Europe, which are at an all time low. How’s it going bet. Bibi & Angela btw? Not so gut, I hear. And what has Yvet done to make things better? Whip up a bowl of sauerkraut to make her feel all warm & squishy inside toward the Occupation??

    2. elthrac, what are you talking about? What hostile administration in Washington? The latest UN Security Council resolution calling for a halt to illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank, co-sponsored by more than 120 UN members, was vetoed by the US, while supported by all other 14 Security Council members, including Russia. UK, France and even Germany were unequivocal in their support of the resolution. This is a disaster for Israel and an embarassment for Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry. This guy does not seem to know what diplomacy is and seem to have alienated Israel’s strongest allies by his macho talk. Even Israeli carrier diplomats are starting to leave in disgust.

  2. It’s interesting that Abu Sisi was abducted just days after the agreement for visum-free travel between Ukraine and Israel came into affect on February 9, 2011.

  3. “It would also indicate how little value Ukraine places on human rights, especially of non-citizens; and that it places a far higher value on commerce.”

    I think it’s fair to assume that human rights – or even the rule of law for that matter – are not of the greatest concern among politicians in Ukraine, as is the case in so many other post-Soviet states, albeit to different degrees perhaps. The Gongadze affair is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

    It takes years and incentives to change that. Membership of the EU is one such incentive and encouraged other post-Soviet states to move forward but EU membership is not on the agenda for Ukraine.

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