12 thoughts on “Israeli Authorities Search, Arrest Jordanian MP, Defying Diplomatic Protocols – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Foreign parliament members aren’t diplomats. Diplomatic immunity didn’t apply. You’re confusing it with the immunity from protection an MP has in his/her home country.

    1. @ Chad:

      I find it troubling when you condone terrorism.

      I don’t ‘condone terrorism.’ But what you call “terrorism” is not.

      It is not only “troubling,” but hypocritical that you denounce Palestinian so-called “terrorism” while calling Israeli terrorism, self-defense or some-such malarkey. It is not. It is, again, terrorism.

      New rule: No commenter may use the word “terrorist” when speaking of acts of Palestinian resistance. Unless they use the same word to describe Israeli acts. Any comment using such a term in connection with Palestinians will be deleted. Please make this known to your fellow hasbara tag team active here.

      I have repeatedly and patiently explained over the past few weeks that Palestinians are entitled to armed resistance. The only way they may do this is with weapons. Obtaining and using weapons in acts of resistance against illegal occupation is legitimate (i.e. NOT terrorism). Not to mention, such armed resistance is an act of defense of the homes and villages of Palestine.

      In fact, the more sophisticated and powerful Palestinian weapons become, the greater price Israel will pay for its crimes and terrorism. Only when there is weapons-parity will Israel realize that for every Palestinian life it takes, an Israeli life will also be taken. If Palestine had F-35s and nuclear weapons, you can be damn sure Israel would be in a far different posture than it is now.

  2. If Israel was looking for a reason to arrest him, 5-10 pistols would have done the job.

    This is a redicules amount of weaponry and seem to be like the real deal.

    Even if there was immunity, when the is intel about such crime, there is no way int’l law still protects it. Maybe the guys had to be released but do you suggest Israel should allow it to enter? Maybe even pass the arms to the Palestinians now? With an apology?

    1. @ Arik Shalem: I suggest that the PA appoint border guards and post them at Ben Gurion, Haifa, Ashdod & every Israeli port of entry and that they stop and arrest any Israeli found accepting weapons imported via those sites. Then we’ll have proportionality and a vast reduction in the level of violence. When Israel agrees to that, then I’ll agree to prohibiting Palestinians from attempts to arm themselves.

  3. love it, no issue with jordanian MP defying protocols by smuggling hundreds of firearms, it is israel that gets called out for defying protocol, preventing blood shed etc

    1. @ock: “preventing bloodshed??? Preventing bloodshed would be to stop invading Palestinian villages and murdering 14 yr old boys. I hope Palestinians become as well-armed as Israelis are, so they defend themselves. I don’t care how they obtain the arms.

  4. [comment deleted: I explicitly said that any comment that called armed Palestinians “terrorists” would be deleted. Hence, yours has been. Do this again and you’ll be moderated. I would be willing to make an exception if every time you referred to any Israeli military or police personnel you called them “terrorists” as well. Since these Israeli terrorists are representatives of the state, that makes Israel a terror state. But I won’t hold you to calling Israel that every time you use its name.”]

    1. @ Kenny Gee: Well over half of Jordanians are former Palestinian refugees. So saying he isn’t Palestinian, unless you know that for a fact, is a dicey proposition. But even if he isn’t, why would you assume that a Jordanian Bedouin wouldn’t feel a sense of solidarity with Palestinians? Finally, did you bother to read in my post that he’s a member of the Palestine committee in the Jordanian parliament?

      1. Hi Mister Silverstein,

        Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

        The Adwani Bedouin have been powerful allies of the ruling Hashemites for one hundred years, and I would expect that the King wants some Bedouin cronies also serving on the Palestine Committee.

        I’m sure many Jordanian Bedouin support Palestinian resistance, but considering their history, I’m sure many Jordanian Bedouin are less than enthusiastic.

        Was this diplomat so idealistic that he’d risk prison, or, was money the factor.
        Whoever financed this smuggling operation obviously had deep pockets.

        Who do you suppose was behind it?

        Have a pleasant day,

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