4 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia: Major Regional Realignment Brings Reconciliaton with Iran – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard,
    Excellent article! Now recently I read that China wants to broker an Israel-Palestine peace deal. I don’t know how China can do this, but I’m all for it if that can be done. Israel whether it’s Netanyahu who is Prime Minister or if it’s the opposition parties that were only briefly in charge before Netanyahu came back again, would have give up most of those settlements and agree to a Palestinian state and end the blockade of Gaza. What do you think? Is there something that China could do to persuade Israel to agree to this?

  2. The Saudi-UAE coalition, launched in 2011 with the initial aim to settle and prevent the effects of the Arab springs …

    Several divergences have, in fact, led the two (former) allies to support two different factions, with the United Arab Emirates reducing its forces in 2019 and ultimately withdrawing them in 2020 while increasing its support to the Southern Transitional Movement (STM). The latter, a secessionist movement originated in 2007 and active in South Yemen.

    The Abraham Accords couldn’t have happened without the close UAE-Israel ties on intelligence. Who were responsible for the attempted Jordan coup in April 2021, prevented by intervention from Joe Biden? What role does the guardianship of Al Aqsa play out in this rivalry?

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