3 thoughts on “Religion: the Myth of the Eternal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard: Excellent piece. One question: is it not true that there is very scant historical evidence, if any at all, that Moses, as depicted in the popular culture or in the movie “Ten Commandments” did exist? This is of course separate from the Israelite tribe. Nowhere in Egypt’s history , for example, one finds any discussion of the Exodus.

  2. A thoughtful essay!
    Religion fills emotional and social needs for many.The religion one was brought up in keeps one attached to one’s family and community, a strong need. It may not be for some, and often is not, about what that religion’s tenets are, its myths, or what stands for, attempts to teach or requires of one.The basics are transferred nevertheless in various ways, person to person, generations down.
    Established religion teaches or promotes morality, and what we recognize as the good. Those can be and are perverted, even or especially by religious leaders.
    But eternal values, morality, remain “the good”. We hang on to that across lines. We (most of us I dare say) know the good in our hearts. We defend these “sacred” values regardless even if we must go against religion (the face of it) as presented- if misguided. It often enough is.

    This is what, I think you are saying here. It’s an evolved personal philosophy that allows one to stand upright, befall human with all it’s realities and consequences.
    Coming from a very religious background I was internally compelled to follow my own heart. There was a price. But I am much more comfortable being “secular” too. I see also how people need their religion.
    Generally, its the basic “eternal morality” that guides the world, that has power across religious lines, that we fight for. .
    Thank you.

    1. I can’ edit but this is my correction of my above:

      This is what, I think you are saying here. It’s an evolved personal philosophy that allows one to stand upright, be all (or fully) human with all its realities, uncertainties, and consequences.

      Not every human soul can, wants to or is able to stand up so. They are weak, need help and go to religion for that and get it. They are vulnerable. They go to tribalism, partisanship, nationalism and easily forget, let go of, or never knew or felt eternal moral obligations of being human.
      To feel so morally compelled is itself a gift from ancient religions. There are those that have, carry, no such obligations or responsibilities towards “the good” but who are narrow selfish, distorted, nihilistic and plain evil. Evil is a religious term, or comes from religion…good and evil.

      Listening to Joseph Campbell’s lectures were so enlightening for me.

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