8 thoughts on ““Something is Happening and You Don’t Know What It is, Do You,” Mr. Netanyahu? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard, Unless I’m missing anything, it seems to me that the Meretz and any other left parties should band together with the Joint List and form a serious party. Are there not a lot of Jews in Israel that oppose the occupation and who want peace with the Palestinians? Is there a Joint List in the upcoming elections?

    1. A friend in Israel just wrote complaining of Netanyahu. She was formerly left, then right leaning disgusted with the peace process, blaming the Palestinians. We argued on our last visit then quit to keep the friendship. But the right ascended and showed its ugly face more and more, and as the walls grew and the “status quo” remained morally uncomfortable and indefensible. The incidents kept occurring (not unprovoked), hate and insecurity increased. The mistreatment of the “other” maybe crashed through some to conscience; their arguments justifying it became lame. Realizations happen at least in some.
      How deeply the Israel is spoiled, shamed, by the long occupation and the character of its politics.

    2. @ Walter Ballin: Sorry to say that the Joint List is also in disarray. Its constituent parties could not agree on a list ordering the candidates and one of them, Balad, withdrew from the coalition. Now, it’s unlikely there will be a united front. One of the them is Hadash, a Jewish-Palestinian party. However, it is not a major party.

      As for Meretz, it calls itself left-Zionist. It supports the chimera of a Jewish democratic state and is mired in the two state illusion. There are efforts to merge Meretz with Labor because both are under threat of not meeting the vote threshhold. But each one refuses to do it. All in all, its a divided fragmented Opposition confronted with a united Likud-led coalition.

      1. Richard, A sad situation. The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin has been a huge example of assassinations having consequences, as Rabin was on the way to settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict when a Jewish settler killed him. I understand that while Arab parties were not in Rabin’s coalition, there was an arrangement members of Arab parties voted with the coalition in the Knesset because Rabin was working with Arafat for peace. That among other things.

  2. “Finish the job” – I’m almost certain the term was used countless times by both Martin Luther King and Batak Obama.
    Just saying…

    1. @ Yitz G: WTF are you talking about? Claiming MLK & Obama said “finish the job” regarding an ethnic group as Smotrich did? That they advocated ethnic genocide or ethnic cleansing? And are you likening that Judeo-terrorist Smotrich to MLK and Obama as Smotrich did? A schandeh!

      1. One Thursday, the house gardener has finished mowing the lawn and watering the plants at the White House.
        When Obama appeared the gardener asked whether he can postpone clearing the rubbish to the next week. “No”, answered Obama – “finish the job now”

        1. Eli Gal: First, the story is invented. 2nd, how dare you compare an ordinary comment made every day, with a Judeo-fascist advocating ethnic cleansing of an entire people along with genocide against them? I warn you, this nonsense is a banning offense to you and anyone else who chooses to go there. I will not let anyone publish garbage here.

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