23 thoughts on “Hypocrisy, Holocaust and Abbas – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. dont you yet know that israel has patented the word ‘HOLOCAUST’ to signify ONLY jews killed for all times.
    no other entity whether it being a human being or a legal being of any sort is allowed to use it.
    stalin did not cause a holocaust of his countrymen, the turks NEVER killed armenians. and on and on
    it is a vomiting making sensation everytime jews pretend that their actions thru the years and the accumulated palestinian deaths do not give the holocaust feeling to the rest of the palestinian people.
    israel uses the same defense of its holocaust as erdogan does for the indistinct murder of armenians.
    there were multiple holocausts committed during the nazi regime except by using the word holocaust israel and all jews wish to make people forget the other millions that died at the sime time by the same hands. yes millions others were killed as systematically as jews.. they ought to be remembered

  2. .. but then again.. one has to admit that Israel is the singular flagrant exception, at least in modern times, to the wisdom that one can’t have its cake and eat it too. Not forever though!

    1. This is outstanding! Oppression and killing of people is wrong. To the people this is done to, it is a holocaust and that’s regardless of the race, ethnicity, or religion who it’s done to. I give this piece 5 stars!

    1. @ Braintree: Well yes. The ICC will investigate any war crimes committed on both sides. But what you conveniently omitted is that Israel’s crimes are far more extensive than Hamas’. Israel has killed in the tens of thousands since 1948. Hamas has killed an infinitesimal percentage of that number since it was founded. Its rockets are truly pathetic compared to Israeli munitions. Over the past 20 yrs or so all Palestinians rockets combined have killed less than 50 Israelis. Israeli drones, f_35s, Apache gunships, artillery, tanks, etc have killed over 10,000 in the same period. That’s roughly a 200 to 1 ratio. If justice is served for every Palestinian militant who get to the Hague there should be at least 10 or 20 Israeli generals and prime ministers. That’s a price I’d pay in a heartbeat.

      Ya gotta pick up your game, buddy. You’re slacking off on your hasbara!

      1. @ tony: I absolutely agree. But Israel has a “clever” way of muddying the waters by claiming that IT is pre-emptively attacking Palestinians who are planning terror attacks against it. Israel claims (falsely) all its attacks are in self-defense. Thus, you would have to unravel every incident to determine who did what to whom, who attacked first, etc. I believe the Israelis would be found to be the ultimate instigators. But they can confuse the issue enough that it might put the ICC off charging Israel.

        That’s why I think from a purely pragmatic pt of view it might be best to charge figures on both sides, while reserving more Israelis for the Hague than Palestinians, given the massively larger amount of criminality on the Israeli side.

  3. Disgusting to see multiple Stand For Israel ads sponsored by ifcj .org offering a free Israeli US flag pin while reading this article. To stand with Israel is to normalize apartheid, bigotry and the theft of Palestinian homes, as well as their culture.

    1. @ Jahn: I assure you that the ads are not placed by, or supported by me. Google Adsense places them on behalf of the advertisers. I can block ads and website, which I will do with this one. But the way i look at it is: if right wing advrtisers want to waste their money placing ads on my site, more power to ’em.

      1. Richard and @ Jahn, And besides the majority of American Jews oppose the occupation and what Israel is doing to the Palestinians. This despite the shrillness of the Israel lobby and all the money that they spend.

    1. @E.Neko: Oh puh-leeze. Your source is a pro Israel propaganda site. But let’s concede for a moment it is correct and Abbas bears some responsibility. What does that mean? The Palestinian who planned the event said 23 years afterward that Abbas offered funding. But Abbas claims he had no idea what Daoud planned to do with the funds. Not to mention that you’re trusting the word of an admitted terrorist-mass murderer. Mighty convenient, isn’t it? This makes it a he said-he said situation.

      But even more historically damning is that both Menachem Begin and Yizhak Shamir in their day did far worse than funding a terror attack. They actualy led groups which killed hundreds of Palestinians in multiple massacres and bombings. They did not merely finance these attacks as Abbas purportedly did. They planned them, chose those who would commit the crimes, trained them, armed them & sent them on their way with their blessing. Then they both became prime ministers. So spare me the fake self-righteousness.

  4. Mr Abbas was born in 1935 in what was then British mandate of Palestine. After the creation of the State of Israel in 1948 his family fled to the Syrian capital, where he was educated.
    He founded the Fatah movement with the late Yasser Arafat in 1959 and became a key figure in the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) after its creation in 1964.
    You Mr. Silverstein write:”First, why should Abbas apologize for the Munich Massacre?” 

    1. @ renee: How ’bout we make a deal? When Israel apologizes for the 400 Palestinians villages it destroyed and 1-million indigenous Palestinians it expelled, and the 40,000 Palestinians it has killed since 1948, then I’ll call for Abbas to apologize for the murder of 11 Israeli athletes. What say you??

      1. @ Clancy: Yeah, the botched rescue mission was horrific. One of the worst disasters of its kind. The Germans did just everything wrong that they could have. Not to mention that it’s likely German fire killed the Israelis.

        OH, and if you want to know about “cutting a man’s balls off,” how about IDF Gen. Amos Horev, who not only did that to an innocent Palestinian, but had popular songs written about his ‘brave exploit.’ Not to mebtion that his heroic deed led to his rising to the rank of General in the IDF. He also received Israel’s second highest national award. Presumably, not just for castrating the poor Palestinian. His is just one of many such crimes which dot the history of that liberal, humane state called Israel.

        Please don’t ever think you can one-up me on terror porn. “Everything you can do, I can do better.”

    1. @ Nimrod: If your people were driven out of their homes and lands under the pretext that Holocaust survivors justified this mass theft, you’d deny it yourself. No people deserves anything based on pillaging another. It is not the fault of the survivors. It is the fault of the cynical Israeli leadership who played on the world’s sympathy in order to justify their sins.

      1. Oh, didn’t know that it’s acceptable to write a Ph.D on holocaust denial, as long as you perceive yourself as a victim of the victims of that holocaust.
        Defenitly sounds like a perfect case of academic integrity.

          1. @ Josh Cohen: How very Judeo-supermacist of you: Jewish suffering is unique. No other suffering comes close. Palestinians sufering? What suffering? You call Nakba ‘suffering?’

            So, of course “not comparable at all.”

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