13 thoughts on “Amos Horev: Castrated Palestinian in Blood Vengeance – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The thing that really gets to me is the extent to which this sort of sense of vigilante lifestyle permeates Israel’s leadership to this day – and the extent to which people outside of Israel either don’t know or don’t mind this.

    It’s not like the information isn’t out there. I wish I understood why that seems ok.

  2. “the type of past that would instill confidence that he can judge the facts dispassionately…” huh? what is the connection here? a man allegedly once acted brutally. does that mean he cannot judge facts? that is not a valid deduction. where is your logic coming from? anyhow, do you think for a minute that the aim here is to, “judge the facts dispassionately”? you keep setting up some imaginary straw men and wailing that they are not real. in the middle east a person in a coma could not be “dispassionate”. there is no such animal. say uncle if you agree.

    1. a man allegedly once acted brutally. does that mean he cannot judge facts? that is not a valid deduction.

      It means he is hopelessly biased and the moral stain of his past disqualifies him to sit in judgment of other Israeli soldiers who are also charged with behaving brutally.

    2. If you are not shocked by this you really need to go and live outside of your Israeli bubble for a while. Get a broader perspective.

      A former member of the KKK who had been involved in abducting and castrasting black men suspected of trying to rape white women would not be qualified to investigate anything that had to do with black civil rights. Even if it were a hundred years later.

    3. A man who can perform brutal acts and feel justified is NOT a good judge of facts. Most people would say human castration is barbarism — who would want barbaric people to sit in judgement?

  3. “As an aside, if Israel embraces the type of Biblical justice meted out by the Palmach to the alleged Palestinian rapist…”

    richard, im sure you know the story of the rape of dinah….had it truly been biblical justice, first they would have insisted the entire town be circumcised, then they would have killed every male above the age of 13. (and i know, muslims are already circumcised.

    lets see, first you tried to use age to delegitimize the commission, now you find an incident from the past of one of the participants.

    you already believe that they will find no fault in the commandos, so why go through all of this?

  4. “The fact is that Horev should not have been appointed because his past taints his participation in the present inquiry.”

    Excuse me for being so blunt, but are you guys out of your mind? The reason he should not have been appointed is that an investigation by the Israelis of their own act of piracy and mass murder, not to mention military occupation, is howling illegal.

    How do you guys stand with the law?

  5. if that was the case then the Israelis who stole land, killed and raped should be castrated more than once.. do u not agree?? or do u just see the Israeli point of view and try to enforce it onto other people who happen to think that you’re a nutter

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