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  1. This is one of the most powerful and one of the saddest things I have ever read.

    Thank you Richard for exposing the dark underbelly of zionism, their despicable treatment of even the Jewish people they cynically proclaim to save. Shame on them.

    Sorry for your loss, the tragedy of 1941

  2. In the meantime one thing only.
    ” The story is entirely a figment of Yitzhak Sadeh’s romantic imagination. However, he unintentionally helped create the “prostitute” image that stuck to the Holocaust survivors.”

    My mother was in Auschwitz and saw Mengele at least 2 times a week. She was sent to the death line twice and ran away and he just laughed saying ‘you will eventually get there”.
    My mother had a friend who is still alive today who is Jewish and blonde with all the other ‘attributes’ making her look Aryan but the Nazis knew she was Jewish.
    Tattooed on her chest was “Feld-Hure’.
    You are mocking and distorting the facts on Holocaust matters.

    1. Have you or family members offered this evidence/testimony with relevant details to Yad VaShem, or other research institutions? If not, you should. It is always better when things are well documented and verified, and not remain anecdotes.

      1. Who was the camp whore?

        Press photographer Paul Goldman achieved fame because of two pictures: one of David Ben-Gurion doing a headstand, and one of a woman revealing an inscription in German tattooed on her chest – “camp whore” – along with a number. Evidently, she was a Jewish woman who was forced to serve the Nazis as a whore in Auschwitz. Her face is not visible in the photograph. For several years, some have claimed that the photo was staged, and the claim was recently raised again, on the London & Kirschenbaum news program. Na’ama Shik, of Yad Vashem’s Institute for Holocaust Education, asserts on the basis of doctoral research that the Nazis did not employ Jewish prostitutes in the camp, and that at the time they used the series of numbers seen in the picture at Auschwitz, numbers were no longer etched on prisoners’ chests, but only on their arms. There are other things that arouse suspicion, too.

        Photographer and Israel Prize Laureate David Rubinger, who found Goldman’s collection of negatives, saw to their restoration and oversees the showing of his pictures, admired Goldman and would like to believe that the photograph is not fabricated. Goldman’s records indicate that the picture was taken in 1945 in Nahalal. It is possible that on the same occasion, Goldman also captured the visit of Chaim Weizmann.
        This week, Rubinger returned to the negatives of the picture and noticed a stunning detail he had not been aware of before: There are three negatives of the photograph and they have been trimmed all around with scissors, apparently to conceal the identity of the woman in the picture. Goldman may have tampered with the negative in order to protect the woman; or he may have done so to protect himself.
        The belief that the Nazis used Jewish women as prostitutes apparently became rooted in the Israeli memory of the Holocaust as a result of an article published by Yitzhak Sadeh in October 1945, entitled “My Sister on the Beach.” It told of a female Holocaust survivor who arrives on an illegal immigrant ship and told Sadeh of her life as a whore in the service of the Nazis. According to Sadeh, the words “For officers only” were engraved on the woman’s chest. The circumstances of this encounter are described in Sadeh’s biography, which was written by Zvika Dror.

        Holocaust writer Yehiel Dinur (also known as K. Zetnik) maintained that the woman was a relative of his. In his book “Beit Habubot” (“The House of Dolls”), he described a Jewish prostitute and said it was his sister. The covers of several editions of K. Zetnik’s book feature a drawing and photograph that are very similar to Goldman’s, but the number on the woman’s chest is apparently different.
        A possible solution to the mystery: Perhaps Goldman prepared the photograph to serve as the cover of K. Zetnik’s book. It’s doubtful whether the notation in his archive is correct: Weizmann visited Nahalal in December 1944, and at the time there were no female survivors from Auschwitz there.
        At some point later on, four female Holocaust survivors did come to Nahalal. Yizraela Bloch, who oversees the local archive, said this week that she remembers them all: She lived with them in the same room. She says not one of them had a tattoo on her chest. David Rubinger is uncomfortable with the possibility that this is a fabricated picture, but as long as the mystery remains unsolved, he is not putting the picture away. This week it is on display in an exhibition in Singapore.

        read more: http://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/dreaming-with-shimon-1.225831

        1. Yehiel Dinur/De Nur seems to be a truly unreliable witness, if he can be called that. His biographer claims he had no sister.


          In his 1961 book Piepel, about Nazi sexual abuse of young boys, he suggests the subject of this book was his younger brother, who also died in a concentration camp.

          Two siblings who were sexually abused by the Nazi’s is a lot.

          About Doll’s House:
          “Though a Holocaust classic, many scholars now describe it as pornographic and likely made up.

          “It was fiction,” said Na’ama Shik, a researcher at Yad Vashem, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority. “There were no Jewish whores in Auschwitz.”

          Yet “Doll’s House” and other writings of K. Tzetnik, who died in 2001, are treated as historical fact by many in Israel, and are included in the high school curriculum. Mr. Libsker’s movie shows the vice principal of an Israeli school guiding a group of teenagers through Auschwitz, pointing out Block 24 and quoting from K. Tzetnik.”


    2. Mottel, there is only one extant picture of a woman with such a tattoo, and its authenticity is in question (for one thing “at the time they used the series of numbers seen in the picture at Auschwitz, numbers were no longer etched on prisoners’ chests, but only on their arms”).

      If you are against ‘mocking and distorting’ the Holocaust, why are you not willing to help taking your assertion out of the realm of anecdote?

      You have not reacted, and I am now thinking that the one mocking and distorting is you.

      1. My mother passed away last September but I have seen it and I believe it is among her things. My mother had had contact with her in the past as she was living in South America. The things are in Montreal and I am in Israel at the present but I will be there soon and if it is there I will copy it to this blog.
        I don’t see why you should doubt me as one who grew up under the shadow of the Holocaust and believe me my mother was not normal after Aushwitz.
        It also seems to me that people on this site have a tendency to debunk facts of the Holocaust, at sort of ‘banality of evil’ syndrome. It reminds me of Norman Finkelstein claiming the ‘holocaust industry’ and there is some truth in this but he himself industrializes it more than anyone else.
        As a Holocaust child my childhood was spent with ‘survivors’ and you have no idea of what I experienced on a quotidian basis and I therefore feel no obligation to forward the picture for as is normal on this blog someone will find something else in order to debunk it. However for the sake of deniers if it is in my mother’s things I will send it

        1. This is what you wrote:
          “My mother had a friend who is still alive today who is Jewish and blonde with all the other ‘attributes’ making her look Aryan but the Nazis knew she was Jewish.
          Tattooed on her chest was “Feld-Hure’.”

          I thought you had known the woman and seen the tattoo yourself, but I now understand that you probably saw a picture of the woman with the tattoo. It may be a copy of the picture already discussed, but if it is not it may be important. (There is still attention for this issue as you can see from the fact that newspaper articles are still being published about it. )

          Can’t you contact the woman, as she is still alive or provide Yad VaShem with her name?

          No one is denying the Holocaust here, but sexualizing and sensationalizing it, in the way K. Zetnik and others (the writers of the Stalag porn novels) have done, is repulsive. I hope you agree.

          This picture for instance is pure sexploitation, and demeaning to women and Holocaust victims alike.

          And the claim on the book cover that it is “as real as Anne Frank’s diary” is an outrage that does not do the memory of the Holocaust any good.

  3. Richard. You know that Israel’s Ministry of Education has been sending Israeli high school kids on free trips to the concentration camps in Poland for decades.

    It is a searing memory. When they took my niece’s class to the gas chambers, she retched.

    Richard. Have you been to the concentration camps?

    1. @ Abby: Forcing impressionable young people to visit concentration camps on a ZIonist ideological mission is an abomination. For some idiotic reason, the Polish government even allows IAF F-16s to overfly the crematoria as if somehow the Israeli air force could’ve saved Polish Jewry if there had only been one at the time. It’s wretched & offensive & stupid.

      I have seen the ridiculous Israeli flags sticking out of the crematoria and it makes me want to retch. The idea what Zionism is somehow the only response to genocide is simply ass backward.

      1. No Israeli student is forced to go to the concentration camps and no school in Israel is forced to send their students there either.

        You’re exaggerated moral repugnance belies the fact that you’ve made the personal choice never to visit the concentration camps.

        Richard. Is it okay for impressionable kids to visit Yad Vashem? The Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C.?

        1. @ Abby: I don’t care whether they’re forced to go or not. The fact is that schools in Israel send large numbers of students in an act of profound cult death worship. They worship the dead at the altar of Zionism. It’s a repulsive exploitation of children for political/ideological purposes.

          you’ve made the personal choice never to visit the concentration camps.

          You moron. How do you think I know there are Israeli flags on the doors of the ovens? Did I invent it? You will retract this fatuous lie within the next hour or I will moderate you.

          1. @ Abby: I visited Terezin where I was repulsed by the hijacking of genocide for the benefit of Zionist propaganda. The Holocaust is a profound, almost unfathomably evil event which should exist on its own terms & not be exploited & degraded by such tomfoolery.

    2. Just to put it out there – those trips are not free!
      They are subsidized but still cost over 5,000 shekel.

  4. Jewish women not allowed

    “It remains one of the lesser known aspects of Nazi terror that Sachsenhausen, Dachau and even Auschwitz included brothels, and that female concentration camp prisoners were forced into prostitution. Berlin-based cultural studies scholar Robert Sommer, 34, has scoured archives and concentration camp memorial sites around the world and carried out numerous interviews with historical witnesses over the past nine years. His study, which will be published this month, provides the first comprehensive, scientific survey of this “especially perfidious form of violence in the concentration camps.” His research has largely informed a traveling exhibition “Camp brothels — forced sex work in Nazi concentration camps,” which will tour several memorial sites next year.

    Altogether some 200 women shared the fate of the Mauthausen prisoners in the camp brothels. In particular healthy and good-looking women prisoners between the ages of 17 and 35 caught the eye of SS recruiters. More than 60 percent of them were of German nationality, but Polish women, those from the Soviet Union and one Dutch woman were transferred into the “special task forces.” The Nazis didn’t allow Jewish women for “racial hygiene” reasons. First the women were sent to the camp hospital, where they were given calcium injections, disinfection baths, better food and a stint under a sunlamp”


    1. “The Holocaust:
      Non-Jewish Victims

      by Terese Pencak Schwartz

      Who Were the Five Million Non-Jewish Holocaust Victims?

      Of the 11 million people killed during the Holocaust, six million were Polish citizens. Three million were Polish Jews and another three million were Polish Christians. Most of the remaining victims were from other countries including Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Holland, France and even Germany.”


  5. Thank you for that history Richard, and reader comments. I, and I suspect many others, especially non-Jews like myself, just had no idea.

  6. Thank you for the History lesson, Richard. I thought that Jewish women were taken as prostitutes because that’s what shown on Schindler’s list… and I took for granted.

  7. @Mottel

    You wrote:

    “I don’t see why you should doubt me as one who grew up under the shadow of the Holocaust and believe me my mother was not normal after Aushwitz.
    It also seems to me that people on this site have a tendency to debunk facts of the Holocaust, at sort of ‘banality of evil’ syndrome. It reminds me of Norman Finkelstein … As a Holocaust child my childhood was spent with ‘survivors’ and you have no idea of what I experienced on a quotidian basis”

    Well your statements here do, in fact. also remind me of stuff from Norman Finkelstein, in particular this scene:


    That your mother was in Auschwitz was terrible for her and for you but it doesn’t make you an expert witness on the holocaust.

    Against your memory of a photograph, stands the testimony of Na’ama Shik, a researcher of Yad Vashem’s Institute for Holocaust Education, and also that of the main German researcher on the topic, Robert Sommer. They are both positive that no Jewish women were involved in this camp prostitution and that Jews were not allowed to visit those brothels. This is no news for those who have known about the Nazi “crime” of “Rassenschande” for a long time.

    So your loose talk about the “banality of evil” syndrome (a totally irrelevant term here showing that you have never understood what it stands for) and about “deniers” does not cut any ice. The “denier” is you.
    I add two more reports::

    Nazi sex slave story finally told at camp

    A new exhibition at Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück near Berlin details the fate of women forced to work as sex slaves for fellow prisoners during World War II.

    “They told us we were in the camp brothel, that we were the lucky ones. We would eat well and have enough to drink. If we behaved and fulfilled our duties nothing would happen to us.”

    So begins the wrenching account of Frau W., a prisoner of the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück north of Berlin who was forced to work as a sex slave for her fellow detainees.

    Her story forms the centrepiece of a new exhibition at Ravensbrück about the fate of women pressed into prostitution between 1942 and 1945, like Asia’s ‘comfort women’ during World War II.
    But rather than servicing soldiers, these women were made to have sex with the forced labourers – an idea from SS chief Heinrich Himmler to increase productivity try to prevent homosexuality from ‘breaking out’ among their ranks.
    Their numbers were far smaller than the tens of thousands of ‘comfort women’ kidnapped across Asia to serve Japanese troops.
    But Ravensbrück centre director Insa Eschebach said the at least 200, predominantly German women who were enslaved also endured paralysing trauma, shame and scorn in an until-now largely taboo chapter of European history.
    Most of the sex workers were taken from the women’s camps at Ravensbrück and Auschwitz to ‘brothels’ at 10 camps in Germany and the Nazi-occupied eastern territories.
    The vast majority had been imprisoned for ‘anti-social’ behaviour – a crime arbitrarily defined under Hitler to include prostitutes but also women with suspect political ties or relationships with Jews.

    Those prisoners who had a privileged place in the camp hierarchy – exhibition curator Michael Sommer estimates about one percent of the forced labourers – could buy up to a quarter of an hour with one of the women for two Reichsmarks from the pittance they earned in the Nazi-run factories.

    A fraction of that amount was credited to women’s camp accounts which they could use for food when it was available.
    “The sex work was organised very bureaucratically,” said Sommer, showing prisoner files with the code 998 signifying a prostitute and vouchers used by men allowed to visit the camp brothel.

    No Jews worked at the brothels or were allowed to patronise them, and separate facilities were created for camp guards.” …


    New book reveals horror of Nazi camp brothels

    In 1942, the Nazis decided that forced laborers in concentration camps would work harder if they were promised sex — so they made female prisoners work in brothels for them.

    The brothels form the subject of “Das KZ Bordell” (The Concentration Camp Brothel) by Robert Sommer, a book that has been hailed as the first comprehensive account of a little known chapter of Nazi oppression in World War Two.
    Sommer’s 460-page work, due to be presented at the Berlin state parliament on Wednesday, explores the origins, structure and impact of the “Sonderbauten” (special buildings) run by Heinrich Himmler’s SS in Germany and Nazi-occupied Europe.

    “In the collective memory and written history of World War Two, the camp brothels were for a long time taboo,” the 35-year-old Berliner told Reuters. “The former prisoners didn’t want to talk about it: it was a difficult subject to handle.
    “It didn’t fit so easily into the postwar image of the concentration camps as monuments to suffering.”
    Beginning with the Austrian camp at Mauthausen in 1942, the SS opened 10 brothels, the biggest of which was in Auschwitz, in modern Poland, where as many as 21 women prisoners once worked. The last opened in early 1945, the year the war ended.

    The chapter is separate from the annals of the Holocaust of European Jews. Jewish women were not recruited as prostitutes, and Jewish men were not admitted to the brothels.
    Sommer estimates around 200 women inmates in total were forced to work in the brothels — initially offered the prospect of escaping the brutality of the concentration camps.
    “They were promised release after half a year if they served in the brothel. But the promises were never honored,” he said. “Later, the SS just selected women they felt were suitable.”
    “Jews were not allowed in. Neither were Soviet prisoners of war,” he added. “Jewish women did not serve as sex workers.”

  8. In the discussion about a book with the tile “Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust”. by Rochelle Saidel and Sonya Hedgepeth, I found this remark:

    “As for the argument that racial purity laws protected Jewish women, she says, “That’s absurd. That’s like saying there are laws against rape so people don’t get raped.”
    Such laws, she and others add, certainly didn’t influence the actions of Nazi collaborators who weren’t Aryan.”

    I agree with that but such laws DID have an effect in institutionalized and supervised set ups like camp brothels. I haven’t seen the book and from the discussion it is not clear whether these authors hold that Jewish women were employed in such brothels. I would be very surprised if they did.

    From the overall discussion it is clear that the incidence of rape was limited. The emphasis was on transport and killing.

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