9 thoughts on “Tom Kaplan: Israel’s Anti-Iran Svengali – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: I started a response to this comment. But then I realized it was so filled with distortions, lies and Iranophobia that I could not let it be published here. I simply don’t have enough time or will to waste it on slime and smears. Nor is this your anti Iran your sandbox.

    Your comment was off topic and had nothing directly to do with the post.

    In future, you may publish a single comment in any thread. And be sure to support any claim you make with credible sources/evidence. Your opinions and claims are worth nothing here. Back them up or don’t make them.]

    1. Iran uses her proxies to attack her neighbors, Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

      Houthis aren’t an Iranian proxy group neither anyone in Iraq or Syria, they aren’t given orders on what to do by Iran nor piloted, receiving armaments isn’t the definition of being a proxy force, otherwise Hamas would be an Iranian proxy, which isn’t the case.

      PMF supports the Iraqi government, Iran support the Syrian government and help them militarily, Iran send armament in limited quantity to Houthis, and is currently in talk with both countries toward renewing diplomatic ties, wouldn’t it be counterproductive for UAE and Saudi Arabia to renew ties with Iran if Iran had a completely piloted proxy in Yemen and ordering them to strike Saudis and UAE?

      The only group that can be considered as a proxy is the Hezbollah, Israel interfered illegally using force in other countries, Israel is pointing 200 nukes to every major Iran’s cities and is not signatory of any treaty concerning WMDs, Israel is the only country in the world which borders aren’t clearly defined, Israel does as much drones incursions as Hezbollah from various locations near Iran’s borders, Israel did countless of terror attacks inside Iran and supports financially and militarily separatists inside Iran

      And now, Iran is sowing destruction in Eastern Europe through her support of Putin’s brutal war against Ukraine.

      Sowing destruction with? Iran does not support what is happening in Ukraine, you seem not well informed about official Iranian position, but reading speculations or misleading articles of some outlets, Iran stood neutral, doing trade and having relationships doesn’t equal being an ally or supporting whatever that partner do. Israel though is sending armament, authorized some of its people to fight in here to eternize the conflict and make the war last until the last Ukrainian

      1. [comment deleted: I want to see a long set of ad nauseam comments from you filled with slogans masquerading as fact, like I want root canal.]

        1. Beside ynet and its affiliated Israeli outlets, i see no mention of IRGC in the 2021 conflict, not even on mainstream western medias, not even on Israeli outlets, ynet, JP and TimesofIsrael make a lot of claims yet without any source neither proofs of what they say, there is literally no source on the ynet article, but that’s no the question.

          If Hamas was an Iranian proxy, every intifadas and wars involving Hamas would directly be attributed to Iran as the belligerent, when Iran aligned with Al-assad, Hamas opposed it and cut ties with Iran for a while, how a supposed Hamas proxy piloted by Iran would show their discontentment or cutting ties with the country owning the proxy an fully sponsoring them? I am not even mentioning the religious part which in part makes nearly impossible Hamas to be or become an Iranian proxy, Hamas wasn’t created by Iran.

          Sowing destruction with hundreds of Iranian drones.aiming to kill and terrorize Ukraine.

          Months ago, we got a same claim by the same outlets that Iran was sending air defenses to Russia: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/apr/12/first-thing-russia-using-weapons-smuggled-by-iran-in-ukraine 3 months passed and we still didn’t saw any material proof nor imagery of that supposed air defense, not even a single missile, Iran refuted that claim to the Ukrainian FM

          An allegation (again made by the United States, a blurry satellite image showing a drone inside Iran with a bus, claiming Russians are there) is different than reality, and again allegations of drone sales have already been made months ago, on the basis that Iran was flying cargo planes to Russia, we didn’t saw any material proof or imagery of Iranian drones used by Russia for now, if we see proofs then everyone can assess Iran is providing drones to Russia, if we see proofs of them used in Ukraine, then we can assess Iran is fueling the conflict

          The Israelis refuting the transfer of weapons is a good example, first, allegations, speculations, claims, misleading articles, then the reality turns on. Iran also send aid to Ukraine.

      2. @ Lucas: My apologies for deleting all the comments to which you replied. I understand that now your own comments have no context. But I had to make an editorial call on whether I wanted lies and smears that Judah offered in my comment threads.

  2. Another jew, another murdurous notion,
    Let Putin Tsarist ambition in Ukraine be the lessons to all. short of unleashing an atomic war no war of attrition with current arms will serve for naught. unless these arms are used in an internecine war so that one part keeps another down..
    Russia has so many kilometers of border with ukraine they had umpteenth hundreds of soldiers, tanks and what not, 3 months in and their dying ambition is to take odessa so as to form a passage between crimea and russia. and that is RUSSIA WITH ITS BILLIONS OF USD OF OIL.
    what does puny israel has to compare in a war thousands of kilometers away against hardened and hidden targets.
    israel has a jewish fetish they will dig up dna from nth generation to give someone the title of jew , as if this elevates the country
    for all the talk and bluster, israel has come to realize there is no winnable war against iran , none that cannot produce an huge annihilation of the motherland.
    America left afghanistan and vietnam with its tail between its legs after fighting attrition war with enemies hugely inferior. so will israel endeavor to launch an air armada that will not return or return to no airfields.
    dont think so
    these blood suckers have to find a channel for their anger, ambition, and monies earned thru others blood.
    best to nod with the head whilst the brain is nodding off

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