8 thoughts on “Haaretz on State Department Findings in Abu Aqleh Murder: “America, Be Ashamed, Be Very Ashamed” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. She was wearing a helmet and flak jacket, but she was struck in the head. I rather doubt that this killing was ‘unintentional’. Someone needs to be held accountable.

  2. The statement of the US is shameful. It has already been shown that there were a number of bullets behind Shireen in a tree. That wouldn’t have been the act of a random gunman. It was so clearly an assassination that this beggars belief.

    And what of the video footage of the Israelis. Did the US ask for that? Of course not.

    Shameful but why expect anything else?

  3. RE: “Despite this whitewash, Israeli officials were outraged with even the vague claim in the statement that the IDF was ‘likely responsible’ for her death.” ~ R.S.
    SEE: An Israeli bullet killed Shireen. Denial is the army’s time-tested strategy | By John Brown | +972 Magazine | July 5, 2022
    Israel’s attempts to deny responsibility for Abu Akleh’s death is part of its long-standing policy of obfuscating investigations into Palestinian killings.
    LINK – https://www.972mag.com/shireen-bullets-army-investigation/

    1. Not a day goes by without a Palestinian dying at the hands of the most moral army . Not any different from a regular u.s cops shooting 60 times a black man . Not an eyelash batted not here nor there

  4. Republicans are as vanguardists as any regular haredi 99 year old Rabi that cannot differentiate between a woman and a mule. democrats have zero back bone just like any other gantz. . All those have their snouts in aipac trough the same one who equates bds and antisemitism
    as long as the shwartzmans and adelsins jeep dictating expect roe to be just the No1 to fall by the wayside just as that mysterious bullet. Maybe it was the same bullet that killed Kennedy. Look for a zaprunder film

  5. Mr Richard accept my apologies for this post , but i gotta get it off my chest
    WHY IS THE US GOING THRU HYPER INFLATION – supposed pundits parse lies to misdirect the truth
    the truth – all companies that got huge free loans from mr powell in 2021, instead of investing into the corp for the future hyper demand which they knew, decided instead to give it to the rich, dividends buybacks, and as they forecasted the demand now they have the excuse to soak the poor even more to keep shuffling higher profits that benefits who , well same old rich that got dividends and buybacks. meanwhile workers got shafted both here and in china the source of most inventories.
    meanwhile the dow jumped40% between late 20 and 21 – hail to capitalism

  6. If no Israeli journalist cares about covering the atrocities of Israeli Occupation, then why would anyone care about Abu Aqleh’s murder?”

    If Israel doesn’t care about Tikkun Olam why should anyone care about Israel?

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